AJ's Hilux LN46


I've pretty much neglected this thing since it developed a massive oil leak a few years ago. With the Cruiser still off the road, I've decided to start working on it.

After much cleaning, it looks like the front main seal is the cause. I'll finish pulling it apart soon.

So far I've ordered:
GMB water pump
Gates timing belt
OEM front main seal
OEM cam seal
Rocker cover gasket
Sump plug
Drag link rebuild kit

Immediate task is to fix the leak, plus fit the sump with turbo oil drain supplied by @Vee_Que years ago.

I'd also like to replace the radiator, however decent ones are hard to find. An LN106 radiator looks like it should fit, they're the same width but around 50mm taller. The fan and shroud opening are larger too, however the fan offset and clutch diameter are different so this will require some thought.

The L45 4 speed gearbox is worn out. I have a G52 5 speed to replace it with, this will require a trial fit to see what's required for the conversion.

Preferred turbo setup at this stage will be a fabricated manifold and either TF035 or TD04 from a Subaru, probably without an intercooler to begin with.


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