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Rather than 10 trillion threads, i'm going to have one and put random photos of my cars in them.

This morning I went to take the E21 to the coffee shop and while waiting for the sun to melt the ice of the windscreen, thought that... well, E21's were kind of made for this kind of stuff.



  • SpacSpac @Spac Canberra-ish.
    I wish I had thought to make one thread for various automotive adventures.
    I think the kids call it a blog.
  • Shush 😜
  • 4b4TdbD.jpg

    I'll give everyone one guess as to why I have a VX Commodore gearbox.
  • PaddlerEdPaddler Ed @PaddlerEd New England Region, NSW
    You have realised the inner bogan and bought a VX Commode?
  • SpacSpac @Spac Canberra-ish.
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    Because Getrag and you also own a BMW with a Getrag.
    I don't know what is in the middle of these two points though.

    Edit: Is that even a Commodore box? Or later model BMW box?
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    Here's hoping the 1977 spec BMW Getrag 260 has the same internals as a 2003 spec GM Getrag 260...

    The ratios match at least

    I'm 99.8% sure it's a GM box, judging by the castle house where I picked it up from.
  • And it doesn't. Oh well. The transmission shops search continues!

    In other news, besides the wheel alignment and 205 being on the road is...


    Somehow, I don't know how, the AC system held pressure.

    So now the AC works again, after being out of commission since... forever.

    I'm dubious as to how long that will last...
  • And it doesn't. Oh well. The transmission shops search continues!

    Does the bellhousing detach from that Getrag?
  • Yeah but apparently the inputs are all different and stuff.
  • Vee_QueVee_Que @Vee_Que South Eastern suburbs Melbourne.
    They should be able to swap?
  • SpacSpac @Spac Canberra-ish.
    Do you have someone with a clue looking at this?
    Or is it just a gronk who was expecting to bolt it all together?
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    The gearbox shop that is doing the work would know if it's possible. They're quite capable.
    We're talking early E series BMW which in itself had 3 different getrag setups.
  • Yeah, they told me originally that it has a 0.01% chance of working, but I thought eh Commodore gearboxes are so cheap that it's worth a punt, gear sets are very, very different, not just the input shafts.

    Here's what my gearbox looks like, if anyone has BMW leads...

  • SpacSpac @Spac Canberra-ish.
    I have an ex-Group A Commodore Getrag with a close ratio gearset (2.6:1 first, 1:1 fifth) if you are keen?

    Have you hit up Michael Smola? Pretty sure that he had a couple of 5-speeds to suit an M10 at his dad's place in Newcastle.
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    Cheers for the offer but this is the 6 series... I've been offered a CR dogleg (with a price to match...) but CR gears in a grand tourer isn't really what i'm wanting for obvious reasons... it's not a race car... although they did race them, I guess.

    Well it turns out there's a very big reason why the whole Commodore shenanigans didn't work... I have a 265/6, not a 260/5.

    260/5 was the gearbox in the later E24's, but my car was a factory automatic, someone converted it to manual prior to the year 2000 (when it was first registered in the ACT)

    I wonder where they got the gearbox from, as it was used in M series cars and E28 M353's, etc, which sucks as it means they're worth actual money.

    Alex (old mate who put the compression back into my E21's motor) works near the tranny shop where the car is, he tried matching first gears between the M10 E21 4 speed (Getrag 240) and the gearbox I had and they are different, with the 265/6 gears being much beefier than the 240 ones.

  • Ex850RSnoopy @Ex850R Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.
    Asked at the wrecker, no way he says.
  • You did that for me? I'm all warm and fuzzy. Cheers
  • Ex850RSnoopy @Ex850R Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.
    I meant to earlier but was crook , he is saying not hope of even rebuilds as far as he knows.
    Maybe a later model box can be built in? It happens to Volvo....
    Why not a whiteblock while yer at it!?
  • SpacSpac @Spac Canberra-ish.
    Talk to Pip Barker down in Tathra. I have his number here somewhere if you can't find him.

    Can a M10 box bolt up to the 6-cylinder motor (M20?).
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    Ok, will do. Good thing with a name as unique as that is a phone number with the first hit on Google...

    M10 and M30 are compatible as the M30 is literally 1.5 M10's, unfortunately M20 is a totally different design.

    My car is M30 powered

    M10 boxes behind M30's, although works for a short amount of time, results in exploded gearboxes for obvious reasons. M30 gearboxes behind M10's is also not ideal as they're much too big for the chassis' that M10's usually sit in.

    I've had a PM from a bloke in the US who may have a gearset for me, he pulled in in the early 90's to build a competition box with straight cut gears etc.

    Worst case, PPG will make me some gears, but bloody hell i'd be putting a lot of hope in the BMW community in regards to buying some remade 265 gears from me, as it's around $10k for a batch of 10...
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