240 Best legal way to replace K-Jet on 1979 242GT

I am working towards putting my 79 Gt242 back on the road this year. I have some issues with the K-Jet and have decided to find a viable way to replace it if possible. My goal is to have a reliable car I can drive anywhere and spending potentially a lot of money on the K-Jet or using second hand spares seems a bit pointless. I am thinking of a basic Megasquirt set up but am concerned that I will not get a blueslip. I'd like it to qualify for unrestricted registration but club rego would also be fine if that makes a difference. Any ideas or suggestions would be very much appreciated.


  • SpacSpac (@Spac) Canberra-ish.
    Easiest option is to fit a single carb from a DL. Everything bolts straight on, you just need to bypass the high pressure fuel pump that lives under the rear seat.
    Expect a significant increase in fuel consumption and a loss of grunt off idle. Top end power is surprisingly unaffected with a K cam, I would not expect the GT's H can to be much different.

    If you kept the wiring tidy, I would be very surprised if a conversion to EFI would even be noticed at rego time. Definitely gives a better outcome.
    The stock fuel pump will work fine with EFI.
  • Depends what state you're in. VIC for example is a lot harder than NSW.

    In your shoes, I'd be tempted to find a totalled 89+ 240 with LH 2.4 and fit that system into the GT. You could even swap the 530 or 531 head from the donor LH 2.4 B230 engine and keep the B23 bottom end, and that way, it keeps the engine numbers matching. You would however need to add a crank position sensor of some sort if going that way - maybe with KL Racing's 60-2 crank pulley tone wheel and sensor - but it would essentially be a factory EFI system.

    Or just swap in a complete B230F with LH 2.4 if you're not worried about numbers and want simplicity.

    I've considered the above options for my own GT, but the K-Jet seems to be behaving itself at present.

    In NSW (not certain about elsewhere) the pollution gear must conform to at least what's on the car's compliance plate, or better. e.g. you can put a 1994 B230FT in a 1973 144, and the 144 must have at least 1973-spec pollution gear.

    In VIC, it appears that the pollution gear must match the same spec as the vehicle from which the donor engine was obtained, if the donor engine is from a newer car. e.g. you can put a 1994 B230FT in a 1973 144, and the 144 must have 1994-spec pollution gear, including cat converter and all that crap.
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  • Thanks Spac, I thought that if I could do it to a high standard then it would possibly/probably pass by unnoticed. I don't want to go to the trouble and expense thought to find that is not the case. I will keep the suggestion regarding the carby in mind.
  • Thanks BG, I have considered that option, I have a very good motor at present which I would like to retain so the swap to LH 2.4 and head might be the way to go. Very much appreciate the suggestion. Is there much pollution gear on the '79 to match?
  • SpacSpac (@Spac) Canberra-ish.
    To add to Bob's comments, I don't think a B23E with a complete Volvo EFI system would be an issue anywhere in Australia. The aftermarket ECU could be an issue, but I doubt that any inspector would even bother to go looking for the ECU if you had all stock parts on an otherwise stock car.

    Indeed, most inspectors probably would not even know that a GT is supposed to be K-jet. I understand that you are looking for certainty, but my experience says that you would be VERY unlikely to be pulled ip on it, and unable to BS your way out of trouble.
    ("Nah mate, Volvos had EFI back in 1972" while showing a photo of a 142E engine bay, for example).
  • Thanks Spac, sounds reasonable to me.
  • Vee_QueVee_Que (@Vee_Que) South Eastern suburbs Melbourne.
    I drill stock flat flywheels like in your gt to suit lh 2.4 for about $100 if needed. Probably cheaper and easier than a front pulley sensor. There just isn't much room.
  • Thanks Vee_Que, I'l keep that in mind.
  • Many places the emissions gear must match the car or engine, whichever is newer.
    Stock 240 EFI system will be easy fit and easy rego. Use pre '86 and you won't need a cat.
  • In my experience including a recent blue slip, it's likely to go completely unnoticed if it all looks like factory equipment in the engine bay.

    Worst case, in nsw if you use all the same emissions equipment including a cat as used in the later donor car, you don't have to go through emissions testing, just pay some money for an engineers certificate.
  • Thank you very much. I also got some advice from a local workshop manager who was of the same opinion. If it looks like it belongs there it shouldn't raise too much interest.
  • Put in LH2.4 and call it a day. It will be fine.
  • I wouldn't write off K-jet as I've had as many issues with keeping older 2.4 LH running as k-jet.
    Yes k-jet is very different but its also simple. Hoses, fuel lines and pressure controls vs wire and sensors. Engine bay wiring harness rot could be worse with an EFI swap - there's much less to replace if retaining k-jet.
    My experience is it would be a similar amount of time either way and really depends on what you want to achieve out of it (closer to original 242GT vs conversion and play with EFI) and what doner car you have access to.
  • If your staying with KJet there is a good supplier here in Brisbane that reconditions fuel distributors and WUR at reasonable prices on an exchange basis that we use and have found to be very good. Happy to pass on details in you want
  • K-Jet is awesome!
  • PS I have some k-jet parts looking for a good home if your after parts for exchange or to reco yourself.
    There are some really good k-jet videos by MB mechanics on you-tube if you don't have access to k-jet experienced mechanic.
    Not sure where your located.

    off topic - we need a k-jet fan thread!
  • @pauljloz Kent Bergsma? That guy is a legend!
  • K-jets were used in 911's. They must be good.
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    K-jets were used in 911's. They must be good.

    I know of quite a few sitting in the sheds of owners - rusting away ........... :)
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    @pauljloz Kent Bergsma? That guy is a legend!

    yes - a better start than Volvo forums with US lambda systems and lots of fake news.
    Pressure gauges, hoses and a hydraulic jack and your set up - just add fuel ;)
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