Nina's 1981 244 GL - "Billie"

So for the first time since 2011, I have a car! :) It's a white 1981 244 GL. It was a gift from @jamesinc , and a project that we will be working on together. First goal is to get it roadworthy, which, after a few tweaks, and some parts from Matt, doesn't seem that far off.
So far what we've done
* Replaced a whole bunch of old split vac hoses
* Replaced the driver's side headlight
* Installed driver's seat rails
* Replaced driver's side rear door handle
* Replaced missing driver's side door handle trim
* Replaced driver's side tail light bulb
* Replaced spark plugs
* Given the whole car a pressure wash and some degreaser

When we first got it, it appeared to have a leak which we thought was something to do with the gearbox, however, on closer inspection, almost all of the bolts on the transmission pan were super loose, and just needed a tightening.

We've also got a replacement 4-speed gearbox, tailshaft and shifter from @Philia_Bear that we are going to install to replace the current 3 speed one.

The exhaust also needs work, as it appears there are a few holes and a dodgy mod job.

The front suspension needs work/replacing, as currently it handles like a boat.

Other parts needed:
* Passenger side front quarter panel
* New wiper arms
* Driver's side front hockey stick
* Parcel shelf seatbelt cover
* 3 x LUG nuts
* Front bar (which appears to be missing completely)

It's running and is drivable, which is great!

Here's some pics:





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