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Upgrading my Mazda 3 to an S40 T5 R-Design

So, long story short, I was a very lucky man one day in early August this year, and managed to get this.

Yes, I know it's FWD. Yes, I know that there are cars, nay, VOLVOS that would absolutely smoke it down the 1/4 mile. And yes, I know it's made in Belgium.

Despite all that, it's a hell of an upgrade on a 2009 Mazda 3, which IMO is the ugliest Mazda 3 they ever made and had a bunch of other flaws (the stupid gearbox being just the start). I didn't like looking at it, I didn't like driving it and I didn't even like parking it because it was simultaneously big and clumsy whilst not fitting anyone taller than Frodo Baggins in the back. And believe it or not, the sale of that joke of a car all but completely paid for THIS.

I love small cars, and since I got my first Volvo (a shortlived XC70 for the family) in January (written off in July), I've loved Volvos. I've always liked 5 cyls and I've never had the luxury of having a turbo before. So to say that this car is everything I like in a single car is really an understatement. I love it.



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