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7/9 Fuel pump upgrade guide

Figured I should probably start making threads of the stupid money I spend on this car to make it easier for everyone else in the future.

Parts needed;

  • Wiring bulkheads
  • Upgraded fuel pump
  • New fuel filter
  • Fittings of your choice.
  • Fuel lines (if you want)
  • New intank fuel line (100% needed)
  • Fuel line hose clamps (these are the ones that are smooth on the inside and dont cut the hose with the standard style hose clamp teeth, can be found at autobarn for a couple bucks each )

This is a 92 940, with a factory lift pump + under car pump.

What i've done is remove the under car pump and fit a high flow intank pump (340lph).

First step is to remove the factory lift pump. I'm using a raceworks 340lph pump, similar in size to a 255 walbro.

I removed the factory pump holder, and used the supplied rubber and some hose clamps I had to attach the pump to the hanger (not pictured, screenshot is from a Skid Factory video, they used cable ties which i'm not a fan of).

Second step is to drill 2x holes in your top hat for the bulkhead fittings.

Third step, use some nice open barrel splices and fuel safe raychem heat shrink to join the new fuel pump wiring connector to your high current bulkheads.

Now we move to under the car.

Remove the factory fuel filter and pump assembly. Flip the fuel filter around the opposite direction to factory, or in my case, replace it with a high flow fuel filter for e85.

I used an M14x1.5 To AN8 Fitting with a 1/2 barb 45 deg for the inlet, and an M12x15 to AN6 with a 5/16 barb 45 deg for the outlet all the way to the fuel rail. The 45 degree barb is to avoid rubbing on the chassis rail, but not strictly necessary.

The fuel hose from tank to filter is 1/2 (1m cut is sufficient), from filter to rail is 5/16 (bought a 5 metre roll, only used about 3 or 4 i think). This was all replaced with e85 safe high pressure rubber line.

Thats it ! Fairly simple, a days work if that. Hardest part is drilling the top hat in the original spot.

Link to most of the parts as follows; (z5000rp), if you want to use the factory filter its z311, however I noticed a 6 psi fuel pressure drop at WOT with this filter.

Picture of the fuel filter with barbed fittings below was changed to have AN - BARB with a 45 degree fitting to avoid rubbing against the chassis rail. (e85 safe intank hose) Heavily referenced this video for help



  • ashley186cuddy @ashley186 Bendigo, VIC

    Looks good, I'm doing something similar with my 1977 240 - using an Walbro 255 intank to replace the factory dual setup

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