XC70 Gap in the strut mount cap

2007 XC70 2.5T P2

Regarding the gap visible between the strut bearing and the top cap, could it be that it is simply a matter that the "star" nut below is not screwed down to the proper tolerance?

Or that the top nut just needs to be tightened?

If I took the weight off the wheel, removed the top nut and cap, exposing the "star" nut, could I just screw it down? What is the recommended distance between the top of the strut and the "star" nut?



  • That looks fairly normal please don't try and undo the "star" nut, it holds the spring seat down.

    The strut tops normally crack where the rubber is bonded.

    Are you chasing a noise?

  • alcraigAl @alcraig Varsity Lakes, QLD

    No noise. Just slightly concerned as it doesn't look correct. I was not thinking about un-doing the "star" nut, just tightening it down to its spec, then replacing the cap and tightening down the top nut in order to reduce the gap.

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