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The White 240 Ice Cream Tub - Neapolitan

New Volvo, new build thread I guess

This is Neapolitan!

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Still missing my old blue sedan, I do see it occasionally, Rob just got it painted and it looks soooo good

Guess I’m a wagon guy now

Getting stage zero done currently, starting with a new PCV system, service items, timing belt/water pump kit, the usual. Big ass box from FCP.

Has some play in the tie rods on the inner ball joints so I got a set of those also.

Never fitted the M47 to the blue sedan so it will go into this wagon.

Got new bushings for the transmission cross member (not sure how important they are) as well as a new transmission mount.

Recently got this shifter with a real 8 ball on top.

Main goal with this build is to be a comfort cruiser for daily activities and long distance trips, not looking for much power, mostly a vintage chrome and white look on exterior with some wood accents inside with the blue interior.

Will be putting in a sound system with sound deadening throughout the vehicle to prevent lower frequencies drowning out from road noise.

Been doing loads of research into subwoofer box design, sealed vs ported boxes, amplifiers and digital signal processors, cross overs, proper wire gauge choice (required amps and length of wire taken into account), RTA microphone tuning with a DSP, time alignment etc etc..

This is a relatively new side of car modification I haven’t gone down before so I’m super excited to learn as much as I can, all tips and experiences welcome as I am a moderate noob.




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