Oz Volvo Mini-Nats 2020 // BooSTeRS show'n'shine - Canberra

Sunday, 6 December 2020
jamesincJames @jamesinc Oz Volvo Ice Fortress
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For the latest information, see this post: https://ozvolvo.org/discussion/comment/184592/#Comment_184592

In lieu of a full Nationals this year, Oz Volvo has joined with the BooSTeRS all clubs show'n'shine in Canberra on December 6. I'm still finalising the details, but there will be most of the things you are accustomed to, including a mini-nats trophy pool.

Trophies this year will be:

  1. Best wagon
  2. Best not-a-wagon
  3. Best modified

I'll also look at organising an informal catchup after the event if there is interest, I'd love to go back to The G-Spot

How to register

Register here and nominate Oz Volvo as your car club: https://boostersgarage.com.au/show-n-shine/

This thread is a continuation of https://ozvolvo.org/discussion/12234/act-oz-volvo-at-boosters-garage-shownshine



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