[NSW] 164, B30 parts for sale + 240 alternators

jamesincJames (@jamesinc) Oz Volvo Ice Fortress
edited February 1 in For sale

I bought a whole heap of stuff from that recent auction in Taree. I've gone through it all and there are several 164 parts I have no use for, they're all available for nominal sums. All prices negotiable PM me.

Corner lamps, $20/set:

B30 valve cover (no dents) and rocker assembly $20

Steering column, good condition, no play in the u-joints $20

Twin-carb manifold, B30 fuel rail (good condition not bent etc), $20 apiece, a few other bits $10 apiece.

B30 crank (would require linishing at the very least) $20 PM me if interested and I'll measure all the journals for you.

B21/23 starter motor (works with any 2/7/9 redblock but larger than the more modern starters): $30

Alternators $20 apiece

Cable clutch fork $10

Glove box $10 interior flocking has a lot of rusty discolouration from something metal sitting in the box, otherwise decent condition.

As I said, feel free to negotiate, especially if you want a few things!



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