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740 & 760 Nav Fabs 740

turvolvo_kidNav @turvolvo_kid Lismore NSW
edited December 2019 in RWD
Sooo basically this is the build thread for my 740 which will be split into two parts, The first part Will focus mainly on body Modifications and the second part will Be focusing on the engine and Running gear.

I started Liking Volvos at age 13 and my Dad being a Volvo mechanic who Bought, sold and Fixed Volvos in the Northern Rivers Area for the last 25 years definitely helped, i'm Now Sixteen Nearly seventeen and And want to get a car onto the road in the next year or so.

I Pulled this car out of our small wrecking yard in 2016 and put it into storage. The car started it's life as a turbo manual owned by some retirees, then some Volvo nut got it and did it up a bit, he then sold it to my Dad, My Dad pulled the motor and Gearbox And sold the manual conversion, he then put a low k N/A motor and auto box in it and sold it to a lady who's in Nimbin she drove it around for about 3 years And then it ended up back with us. And my plans are to convert it to a manual turbo again. Fully sick!.
Part I of a Car thread
This Car will be getting a full body respray In the next two weeks, Weather permitting. Yep great idea respray your first car!!!.
Here are some pics of it Fully Stripped job

A work in Progress. Adapted 850 Side Skirts
Also a work in progress, Ducktail spoiler
Trying to cure the resisting fibreglass resin on a side skirt (just a heads up. don't do this on you Mums car : )
Bunch of parts to be painted and go on the car.
850 lower rear section of the bumper cut off and made to fit. Not yet finished.2sdwq3o2tg0u.jpg


Yea that's all for now.



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