80's Volvo R Sport turbo kit and attached B230

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Volvo R Sport turbo kit from the 80's currently fitted to a B230K - which is the carburettored B230 from 1989.

The kit is almost entirely factory parts.

This was built up a few months back and was in my 740 wagon for a month to ensure it ran fine - which it did. Boost was at about 5 PSi as it was not a race car, just a quick wagon. Air Fuel Ratio was good at normal driving and a little rich under boost, which is Ok.

Included are:
R Sport manifold, carburettor, intake ducts
850 T5/R turbo
90+ B230 exhaust manifold
Turbo EZK computer and harness with block mounted distributor
Original R Sport distributor with vacuum/boost advance/retard included (not used)
Magecor ignition leads
Carburettor rebuilt with genuine kit
Carburettor needle for a B23 (closest available to a B230) Information available for where to get a B21 needle
B230K engine - it was a factory carburettor so the cam is good for a carburettor - more vacuum at lower revs to help the carb work.
740 turbo downpipe and cat converter (hollow)

New Malpassi turbo fuel pressure regulator
The in tank pump from a 740 turbo was used and it worked fine. The low pressure one. All that was done was to adjust the fuel pressure at the regulator

New genuine Volvo manifold gaskets
New genuine Volvo brake booster hose
New genuine Volvo turbo to manifold bolts
New genuine Volvo intake manifold bolts
New timing belt and all oil seals
New rear main oil seal
New genuine Volvo sump gasket

New NGK BR7EIX Iridium plugs
New oil, Penrite HPR40
Oil drain into modified sump using original hard pipe from turbo into flex hose from Pirtek and clamps
Braided line oil feed from front of block with modification to alternator bracket to allow it to fit.
80 Amp alternator
New genuine Volvo rubber mounting bushes for alternator
2 new genuine fan belts
New genuine plug for rear of head where distributor goes on a 740
New iPd plug retaining plate for rear of head

Turbo intake pipe from a Garret turbo (that connects to an air filter)
Both water hoses for water feed into turbo, one genuine Volvo, one aftermarket (as it is not available genuine). One lower radiator hose, one coolant resovior hose.
Bosch fuel filter
Deep dish flywheel (240/740) OR flat flywheel (140) OR auto flexplate with adapter included

All of it including engine stand if wanted for $2500
It cost $3000 in parts to build so it will be a cash loss, and the time too.

A new Sachs/genuine 740 turbo clutch is available too, $400 (will add this to other parts listing)
Yoshifab engine mount adapters to install into a 140 available, $100



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