S40 race/track car plus fun bits [Yass NSW]

SpacSpac (@Spac) Canberra-ish.
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*Currently has a blown motor, but comes with all parts to fix*


Reluctant sale of a much loved race car.
Many top five finishes in Cheap Car Challenge, won both Affordable Endurance Classic races outright. Best of 49.8 second lap time on old Marulan track. Should equate to something around 1:16 at Wakefield.

Excellent finishing record, very easy to drive, very easy to live with. Make an excellent track day, hillclimb, supersprint car, or keep using it for Cheap Car Challenge.
Still has lots of cheap/easy upgrades available.
Car presents well, with a few battle scars. Paint holds its gloss very well.
Lots of weight stripped out - if the factory weight is correct, this should be just under 1000kg ready to race.


Phase1.5 S40 non turbo.
Factory 1.8 VCT manual car, currently fitted with a 2.0 VCT motor that has done a big end. Original, healthy 1.8 motor included in sale, along with a good 2.0 motor.
Pod filter, cat converter delete.

Professionally built CAMS spec welded in half rollcage with diagonal and harness bar.
Velo GP90 fibreglass race seat on runners.
3" harness, expired for CAMS use. Can supply non-expiring, CAMS legal 2" harness.
New OMP copy sports steering wheel in suede.
Interior stripped to CCC/IP specs (basically only dashboard and door trims remaining).
Heater/AC unit removed.Gatb5aSh.jpg

Suspension is Koni Yellows all 'round.
Pedders front springs, Eibach rears.
Larger T4 rear swaybar.
Nearly new urethane bushes in the front end.
Extended, adjustable lower control arms for more negative camber and more castor.
CE Lancer tierods (longer, to suit the extended control arms)
Four lightweight 5-spoke 15x6.5 alloys with decent used Federal 595RSRR semi slicks.
Five factory S40 15x6.5 alloys with no tyres (I may be able to scrounge up some more used semi slicks if needed).
Aluminium wheel nuts.
Hardrace adjustable rear camber arm.
Entire power steering system replaced with parts from a low kilometre car.
Easily one of the best handling cars out there - accurate, predictable, and without vices.


QFM A1RM pads all 'round.
ABS delete (t-pieces in place of ABS module).
Easily the best brakes in the Cheap Car field.

Spares include:

Good 1.8 motor (as mentioned earlier);
Good 2.0 motor (as mentioned earlier);
Control arms, steering rack, front crossmember/subframe;
Front brake rotors & calipers;
Full set of bolt-on panels, most in white. Plus extras if wanted;
Turbo, turbo exhaust manifold, radiator, intercooler and piping;
Anything else that you want (I have a LOT of x40 stuff).

Price... $1800ono. $1500ono. You don't need to be a professor of mathematics to work out that you couldn't build it for less than double. I figure that it would be a $3500-4000 car if I got it running again, but I haven't found the time in the last six months and am unlikely to find it in the next twelve...

Happy to help out the buyer with technical support.

Car is located in Yass NSW, near Canberra. I can help with cheap delivery to Canberra, Wollongong or Sydney.

Will post more detail photos in the very near future.


Upgrades/options available by negotiation:

Evo3 twin piston front brakes with A1RM pads;

Evo6 Brembo front brakes with matching suspension uprights and control arms. 17x7 wheels to suit;

New Wilwood front calipers and 3-piece rotors. 16" wheels to suit;

Set of four 3 lap old Yokohama A050 tyres in 205/50R15;

Numerous sets of 15" alloy wheels;

DMS struts and shocks VGC (need minor work to fit S40);

Suspension Concepts camber/castor adjustable strut tops;

MCA Gold rear cannister shocks (need minor work to fit);

M66 six-speed gearbox with clutch, flywheel, shifter and cables;
M56 five-speed gearbox with clutch, flywheel, halfshafts, shifter and cables;

Ultra Racing front and rear strut braces.


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