• This one's been listed in this section a few weeks back. Assuming the Duett is not "rotten" what's the value of one of these? (In Australia of course)

    My thoughts were that this is an early and rare car, but in its present form is probably closer to 15K. I know a really good restored example would be 3 times that.
  • gavinhGav (@gavinh) Parmelia, Perth
    If he doesn't have import documents won't it be hard to register over here?
  • If he doesn't have import documents won't it be hard to register over here?

    Can't comment on "FULL" Rego but at least for NSW historic REG when I registered my 1986 Chrysler LeBaron Woody Wagon the RMS didn't give two shits about the import paperwork - Proof of ownership, pink slip, declaration: DONE!

    My understanding is that the import approval is required to get the vehicle legally into the country, once it's legally here then it's really no longer more than a bit of interesting paperwork in the glovebox. Someone who's done FULL REG on an import may have a different experience?

    I did enquire about the above issues with the Department of Infrastructure some months back about a 780 I was interested in and it could only be imported for display under the rules (post 89). I asked the question once it's here legally are the import paperwork items of interest to the RMS? The lady I spoke with said the import rules are their concern and the RMS will have their own protocols.
  • At least it won't need a certificate of compliance, as it's well over 30 years old. They don't salt the roads in Northern Sweden, I believe because it's so cold that salt won't melt the snow. Basically Northern Sweden is like cold storage.

    Nine years ago, when I bought a 144 from a classic Volvo specialist and rally driver (Rob Henchoz), he had imported a 144 from Northern Sweden that was remarkably rust-free. It ended up being his car of choice for a rally from the UK to South Africa (see pic).
  • jamesincJames (@jamesinc) Oz Volvo Ice Fortress
    @DW42 in Northern Sweden I think they just compact the snow down and that becomes the road.
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