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  • pigdogdave (@pigdog) Wollongong NSW

    Interesting I'll have a look my reverse lights don't work unless I hold the gearstick in place so least I should be able to fix that , I know my throwout bearing is dodgy you should hear it haha it's super loud and annoying

  • I had the same problem with my 360 when I first got it. No reverse lights unless I held the gearstick to the left. Not that convenient when you don't have power steering.

    When I adjusted mine out until my reverse lights came on, it made it really hard to get into 1st,2nd and reverse. I had to find that sweet spot where they'd come on but wouldn't cause issues Shifting.

    It only wears out in one spot, which means there is a limit to how much you can adjust it before you need to modify it or replace. If your reverse light switch is worn out too far, I can see if I have a spare one for you.

    Some people on 300mania used araldite, but it's apparantely only good for a few weeks or months.

  • pigdogdave (@pigdog) Wollongong NSW

    yeah no power steering makes it abit harder I never bother unless I'm reversing near a cop then I just hold it and act like my car isn't a total piece of shit hahaha

    I'll suss it out and see how I go Ive also got that parts car too I can steal things off if need be but knowing my luck it will be broken on it too .

    I'll get into it tomorrow and see what I can do I need to fix my Speedo as well that hasn't worked since doing the front struts I'm hoping it's just popped out and I can get it back in I'll need that working for the LH swap plus a Speedo would be handy

  • The speedo cable slips out of the holder in the hub nut cap. I grab onto it with pliers and pull the cable out gently, then carefully put the cap on.

    It should only take 5 mins to sort out...caaaaarrnn maaaaan, Nike that sh!t.

  • Here is a photo of the reverse switch for the 360. The part that usually wears is the the white plastic actuator/lever on the gearlever. I made a replacement plastic part for the gearlever cut out of a block of nylon then filed to shape etc. T

    he whole job took a couple of hours.

  • pigdogdave (@pigdog) Wollongong NSW

    Cheers mate good to have a visual of the part before I get into it I'll have a crack at fixing all the little things over the wknd

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