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    A moustache AND a beard, Fancy! The dimensions look perfect and it suit it well. Are you happy with it?

    And what was that other front lip that was on it Before?

  • pigdogdave (@pigdog) Wollongong NSW

    @ALVO360 Haha yeah I like it , it had the stock mk3 GLT lip before , it's a little black 3 piece lip that adds about an inch to the front .. next time I see you I'll bring it and show you and if you want it it's yours .

  • Man, that would be sweet! When I put a rod through my block, you can have that for sure 😅

  • pigdogdave (@pigdog) Wollongong NSW

    Got a new steering wheel on the 360 a couple weeks ago thanks to @ALVO360

    And today I got a centre console gauge pod

    I also now have another 360 as a parts car just need to pick it up this week .

    My cat converter decided to shit itself so it's getting booked in hopefully this week coming for a full 2.5" system ready to go turbo at some point , it would've been done this week but auspost decided to loose my 2.5" high flow cat I ordered so that was a minor setback

  • I like your seats! Do they have tilt adjustment at the base, drivers side looks higher than the passenger?

    Steering wheel looks awesome, how's the distance between the wheel and the indicator? I found with the boss and a deep dish wheel I was at full stretch to reach the indicator.

    AusPost - no surprises there, they are consistently inconsistent and need to up their game, STAT!

  • pigdogdave (@pigdog) Wollongong NSW

    Nah just recline and back and forward no tilt adjustment I think it's just the angle of the pic they sit the same height .

    Haha yeah it's abit of a reach to the indicator but I can live with it it's not too bad .

    They are hopeless Ive contacted them so many times and they don't know what's going on or where the hell my package has gone I'm just waiting on a cat then it will be straight in to get the full system done

  • Abit of an update .

    The 360 now has a high flow cat and full 2.5" system from the headers back she's a little louder then I would like but ready to go turbo when I eventually get there .

    I picked up a B230fk last week the plan was to drop it into the 360 but I've decided to focus on the wagon for abit and give it some love cause I've been slack and just focusing on the 360 .

    going to be dropping the turbo motor in the wagon I figured it's a better introduction into turbos for me the 360 requires abit more fiddling around to turbo it and Ive never played with turbos so I thought I would start on the 240 where there's heaps of information and parts available.

    Going to be doing a rather basic setup to keep things simple , while I've got the motor on a stand I'm going to do all the seals etc and freshen it up , I'm in the gathering parts and information stage ATM. Ive set myself a deadline of July next year to have it all done and in the car so I've got plenty of time to wrap my head around all this turbo jazz haha.

    Did a bit of reading and found out my AW70 isn't going to enjoy boost at all so I'll be keeping an eye out for a AW71 to swap in at the same time .

  • R-E-S-P-E-C-T!

    No regerts, Dave. No regerts 😂

    I'm keen to see how all this progresses. When do you plan to have the motor freshened up? I bet you wont forget to tighten all those sump bolts!

    Are you planning on using the cam driven distributor or were you going to swap out the intermediate shaft and run a block mounted distributor?

  • Should have the motor all fresh within the next couple weeks I'm going to do a big order from fcp euro and get everything I need then get stuck into it .

    Hahaha yeah I'll be making sure everything is tight this time

    Can't use the head mounted distributor on the 240s there's not enough room so I'll be swapping out the aux shaft and running the block mounted one ,ive already pulled the distributor off and I have a geared aux shaft and distributor here to swap in while I'm there it's a great time to do the front main seal , aux shaft seal ,timing belt ,water pump,cam seal and swap out the T cam for an A cam .

    I'm also going to see if I can make the 100amp 940 alternator fit while I'm at it .

    I've sourced a 16T turbo so looks like that's the way I'm going Ive also sourced a -89 manifold so unless I can find a 90+ one I may need to use that and just open it up abit .. seems noone wants to part with the 90+ ones and the ones they do want to part with are cracked

  • Just a heads up, I spent over an hour cleaning the port where the distributor sits. Lots of surface rust + sludge and I advise to do it with the sump off. I used a scotch bright pad and some good ol' elbow grease. It doesn't matter which way the distributor is oriented either, you should be able to just drop it in and go without a second thought.

    16t will be nice!

    If you want a spare set of hands then id be very interested in helping out where I can. Not that you need it, but if you want some company, the offers there.

  • Ex850RSnoopy (@Ex850R) Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.

    Is a log type manifold out of steam pipe fittings any good?

    I've not seen one in a while but would be fun to weld one up , after dropping in to see my old mate at a job recently and seeing his steam manifold sitting ready to be cut in , I was impressed, he is a near 70 year old boilermaker, his work is impeccable!

  • @pigdog I'm in awe of how much you get done on a tight budget and in a short space of time.

    @Ex850R how do you rate your skills at welding cast iron turbo manifolds?

  • Honestly I know zero about manifolds and turbos I'm actually half way thru reading a thread about manifold flow rates now trying to school myself on the matter haha

    I have spent quite abit of money on the cars but have been lucky getting some really good deals and I hoard parts just incase I ever need them or can sell things to buy other parts I need haha I also do everything myself I refuse to admit defeat and pay someone I will just read up and teach myself how to do it

    I do get things done rather quickly once I have a plan I obsess over it and can't rest till it's how I have it in my head I don't drink or party or do anything really I spend all my free time working on the cars or reading threads and learning as much as I can these cars literally haunt my dreams when I'm deep in a project I can often be found sleep walking and talking around the house about cars it sends my partner crazy haha just last night she found me in the kitchen asleep looking for some tools cause I was doing some damn thing to the car .

  • I've knocked the little distributor plug out and it doesn't look too bad in mine I'll still be cleaning it up but it's not bad at all ..

    I thought you had to line the rotor up with #1 at TDC and have the aux gear lined up with its mark as well ?

    I can always use a hand it does get boring working by myself alot especially when Ive never done a job before I overthink everything and make it harder then it needs to be haha I've been reading alot about turbos and I get the main jist of everything it's just putting everything into action that's the fun part

  • That actually might be the case and that's exactly what I did, but you can rotate the distributor throughout its entire range of adjustment and it makes no difference. Probably best to just do it the way you said. My bad if I'm wrong.

    I'm in stiches about the sleep walking comment 😂😂 I talk in my sleep about cars, apparantely quite often. But sleep walking, looking for tools in the kitchen and talking to yourself just takes the cake.

  • I'll do it the way I thought just incase I'll need it at TDC anyways to do all the timing belt etc anyways and I'll just do it all in one hit

    Haha yeah I'm bad for it I always wake up sitting up in bed thinking I'm changing oil or in random rooms looking for shit it's weird and creepy as hell haha once I start a project I just get so consumed with it it takes over.

  • Minus the sleep walking, I do the exact same thing! I was reading what you wrote and it felt like you were talking about me 👊

    Anyway, sorry to talk so much shite on your build thread. I'll leave you to it and just PM you next time. Happy to edit my posts and remove the text if you'd prefer.

  • Had a play around with the 100 amp alternator off the 940 to see if I could make it work in the 240 location , fits like a glove I even had the right sized belt here So i know what belt size I'll need to use !!

    Still haven't ordered all the seals etc to freshen the motor up but I did find a LH2.4 turbo ecu for a good price .

    Looks like the 360 is getting jealous and wants more money and time thrown at it ...

    The throwout bearing is making alot of noise and it's really hard to shift into 1st,2nd and reverse , I originally had to use a 240 bearing as the 360 ones are no longer available but it was a real loose fit and has always made abit of noise as it rattles around in the fork and hits the input shaft , I managed to get a NOS 360 bearing so looks like the engine is coming back out to swap that over :/

    I'm thinking while it's out I'm going to swap flywheels and convert it to LH2.4 was really hoping to put this off for awhile but the 360 has always loved ruining my plans haha

    Hoping I may be able to adjust it abit more to make it a few more months I would really like to just do it after nationals in not really keen to pull the car apart so close to the date and then have to scramble to have it all done in time .... We will see I guess

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    Under the gear shifter there is a reverse light switch and it can be adjusted. When it's out of adjustment it can cause issues with getting into first second and reverse. I reckon that could possibly be your problem there, or at least get you out of trouble until you're ready to pull the engine.

    You need to take off the gearstick dust cover and under that there is another rubber dust cover you have to pull it up. The reverse light switch has grooves in the bracket and can be adjusted in and out.

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