1988 sleeper 740 gl fg barra conversion advice

Has anyone done this before or am i the first?
What diff should i upgade to or break volvo diff first?
Can i use the ford break calipers on a bigger volvo disk if so what disk ?
Will 6 speed auto fit down the tunnel without some fab work ?
Cheers appecate the advice in advance will post up pics and problems as i go
Have a 2010 G6E turbo (bought it written off) whole car to use...


  • A bloke on Facebook has done it, though it isn't a turbo. He had to cut out firewall and trans tunnel.
  • Cheers Jeremy do you know his fb name or where you saw the post ?
  • There's a few posts on turbobricks and iroll Facebook pages. Can't recall his name.
  • https://www.facebook.com/volvo340guy
    N/A BA (iirc) Barra + T5, custom coilovers front and coilover conversion rear

    Theres another 240 barra turbo and theres also a 940 barra turbo (both wagons and both auto iirc)
    1992 940GL, 1991 940GL parts car, 1989 740GLE parts car
  • Vee_QueVee_Que (@Vee_Que) South Eastern suburbs Melbourne.
    To make it fit without cutting that tunnel you don't do what the guy in Queensland has done. It's rough cutting the firewall the way it is and the extra weight over the nose isn't that huge a deal overall.

    The zf 6 speed will be similar to a t56, hammering is needed.

    Ford brakes won't fit without adapting, assuming you have the big brakes you also need to run 17s, is that going to affect your sleeper look? For engineering you need to speak with the engineer about what they want basically.

    Diff, Ford 8.8 is going to be the simplest upgrade but people run 500+hp ls turbo cars and not kill diffs either.

    If you have the car, a welder, hammer and know how to measure and draw things up, it will work.
  • Cheers boys for the advice have kept 740 to daily then turn into drift rig and am putting the barra in a 240 wagon ive recently purchased am goin to start a new thread just asking similar questions about engineering rules with mounts ill have to fab up ect, diff option, break options, wider wheel options and more lol cheers for advice again, hopefully you will keep up with my progress on new thread 😎
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