I'm trying to find a red 850R that I sold 10 years ago....hoping to buy it back again....
VIN YV1LS5002T2314997
Engine Number B5234T4659194


  • jamesincJames (@jamesinc) Oz Volvo Ice Fortress
    Do you have any other details about it? Like sedan or wagon, auto or manual, where in Australia, last known number plate?
  • GhettobirdJulian (@Ghettobird) Melbourne - SE Suburbs
    Looks like it was manual 96 sedan
  • Julian is correct ,was a manual ,sedan....without a mark outside or the interior.
    We sold it to a young guy at Cootamundra, NSW in 2008....who thrashed it (destroyed the clutch from doing burn outs in the first few weeks). He thinks it went to WA when he sold it.
    We had the plates remade (NSW, ADS 55B) after they had been handed in. I have them on my Hilux work ute.( please no laughing), (Volvo don't make a cab chassis 4x4 or i'd have one).
    My wife & I purchased our first Volvo ('76 ,244) after selling a V8 Commodore to get some cash in '89.
    She called it "Victor"....after the fast forward show on tv..."Victor ,you very unattractive." After that most of our Volvos were named..." Mrs Wimble" was a light green 240...."Wrigley" a yellow 240..."the Silver Slug" was a silver 940...my wife hated this one because it was heavy & gutless.
    After this came "Scarlet" the red 850R, it was a truly impressive off the showroom floor motor car that did every thing right...except the ride was a bit firm on the Pirelli's with 41psi in them. A passenger commented that it was the only car he had been in that needed a kidney belt as well as seat belts!
    We sold it because we purchased a farm with 10 ks of very rough dirt access.
    "Vivian" was next, she was a XC60, after that was "the new Vivian" another XC60, both diesels.
    Our most prized Volvo "Grace Kelly" is a red '64 P 1800.

    We would appreciate any help in tracking down "Scarlet"
  • The car is in South Australia. It is currently unregistered with a plate S 995 BEB and expired 4th February. I'm checking with a guy who I know has a red manual 96 sedan to see if it's the one he owns but I do know it came from WA about 6 years ago.


  • Thanks Michael,
    My mobile 0429464050
  • The one I was thinking about has a different registration. I'll do some more research but the car would've been registered only a couple of years ago here with the plate with that ending.

    Was yours one of the first in Australia? The 2 cars shown in the clip end in C and D making yours registered at the same time.


  • Hi Michael,
    Yes, It was the one that Volvo gave to the Journalist's to do their write ups about the new 850R's,
    & did a tour of the various race tracks taking potential customers for a circuit .
    We tendered for it through our local dealer .
  • Thanks to those who helped track down Scarlet.
    We have her back now.....
  • I forgot to mention that it had a write up in motor magazine...Steve Richards did the test .... I have a copy somewhere, i'll dig it up & post the story.
    And it was Peter Brock who took customers for the demo drive....
  • GhettobirdJulian (@Ghettobird) Melbourne - SE Suburbs
  • Don't worry Julian... it will be better than your car.
  • GhettobirdJulian (@Ghettobird) Melbourne - SE Suburbs
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