140 140/164 seat conversion

Just wondering if anyone has had success in converting the seats of something like an alfa 156 to fit in the 1 series. I understand from some prior research that they are different mounting brackets etc to the 240 but hopefully not too different.


  • I read on turbobricks someone put XC70 seats in a 240 without too much work. let me know if you want the page
  • ab1Alex (@ab1) Melbourne
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    To my knowledge the 1 series brackets/rails are different 😐
  • Well I have a set of 242gt seats that someone mounted on 140 seat rails so I guess in theory anything that can be adapted into a 240 is likely also feasible for a 140
  • RobRob (@Rob) - Lockyer Valley, SE Qld
    240 seats go in ok but sit high (an inch or 2 higher than in a 240) . It is very difficult to get them low enough because of the ecu under the lh seat and the handbrake under the rh seat. You need to find seats that seat very low and have a very thin base as a starting point.
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  • Being a short person I might have to fit some 240 seats in my 164. Now where can I get some nice leather ones.
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  • ab1Alex (@ab1) Melbourne
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    I'll be tossing the ecu out at some stage but the hand brake poses a concern. The seats already sit to high for my liking.

    I'll have to see if the Alfa seats have a shallow base

    Someone fitted Audi TT gen 1 seats and they look fantastic but they're out of my price range
  • I put Alfa seats in a mates KE70 I'll be over there on the weekend and can measure them for you
  • ab1Alex (@ab1) Melbourne
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    that would be greatly appreciated Tim! was it much work for the ke70

    Found this so it seems 240 seats are possible which would hopefully mean alfa seats are as well. more bracket modification is required rather than to the rails.
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