QLD Townsville Gumtree S40

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  • SpacSpac (@Spac) Canberra-ish.
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    Too much. Being a forgotten model, they are hard to shift - the Volvo people mostly don't consider them, and non-Volvo people are frightened off by the European-ness.
    A comparable car in/near one of the capitals would sell for something like $2000, probably less. In my experience, the further away from the big cities you are, the harder it is to sell anything European.

    All of that said, it probably deserves to be a $3500ono car based on age/kays/condition - there's plenty of similar Corollas (etc) for similar money, and the S40 will be the better car in most ways.
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    Up here in Townsville if i had a $ for every Audi i saw each day I'd be rich. Now Skodas are the flavor of the month .
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