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Volvo key cutting

Having trouble finding a locksmith able to cut a spare key for sons 98 v70 ins Sydney
Found this company in Brisbane who offers this service but they need the car and I am inSydney.
Not planning a trip to Brisbane any time soon.
Anyone know of a locksmith that can actually do this.
Last one I spoke to said "nup, take it to Volvo, it's a rolling code and if I make a copied key the immobiliser will reject the original key"


  • Forgot to show this, but only in Brisbane:MLUCscWh.jpg
  • I bought an Id44 chipped "volvo" transponder key off ebay for $14 before I saw the add..
    I was considering buying a Zedbull transponder key copier for $36 ( apparently thye do actually work) but the jury is out on whether they will successfully copy an id44 or not. Some ops talk about a PCF7935 7 Chip , a SILCAT15 and a JMA TP14 . In the reids add they say it;s a JMA NE-40.P1.

    Anyway, Reids appear to be the only guys out there who are holding up their hands and saying they can do it.
    Does anyone know anyone in Sydney who can offer this service?
  • I'd already paid $14 for the ebay key but that has to be cut to match the old key so there's another $30 and then I'd have to either risk trying the zedbull copier to copy code from existing key to new key. But according to a locksmith I spoke to there is the possibility the original key will be rejected after i use the new key. I wonder if I copied 2 new keys they would both still work if the original; did not.

    Confused and already spent too much time on this. Wasnt too worried as there are 3 other volvos in this family with transponder keys and alwasys feared whta might happen if one gets lost. Sometimes its just as easy to shell out the cash and visit Volvo.
  • In Melbz locksmiths would transfer the chip from a worn key but couldn't code new ones after a certain date. Our 99 V40 couldn't be coded by a locksmith
  • Reids have specific quotes there for the S40.
    There have been recent changes in technology which allow previously untouchable transponders to be hacked.
    There are code sniffers readily attainable by locksmiths for $300 so some of them may be starting to find they can crack codes more easily.
    There is an even a youtube video of a guy coding a new key for an XC90.
    My concern with copying is the chance of the immobiliser shutting out the original key if the new one is tested first; then there is also the possibility that all keys would no longer work.
  • I had paid $24 to the car locksmith and from buying a blank to key cutting all the work had been done by them.

  • But does it work with the transponder?

    What model car and what year?

  • Call Henry on 0433816688 ,he has a mobile service and he is very good and affordable has helped me out on a number of occasions and he is in Sydney

  • I had Ultimate Locksmiths in Thornleigh replace the chip in my 2007 XC90 remote. He seemed to know his stuff in terms of what could and couldn't be done on a Volvo.

  • 98 v70 you could use tunerpro to flash another bin to your ecu, one that does not have the immobilizer.

    Then get keys cut to your key code and normal keys will start the car.

    Just another option

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    While we were enjoying our holidays in Sydney last year, we realized that we had lost our car's key near the beach. We searched it everywhere but found nothing. What we felt then was so weird. Then we contacted the locksmith fort lauderdale to help us. In an hour we had got spare keys.

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