Intermediate steering shaft Volvo part number 1229209

Chasing a new old stock Intermediate steering shaft Volvo part number 1229209.


If anyone has one they want to sell PM me with a price as looking for one


  • NOS will be tough to find, is this for manual or power steering rack?
  • Manual. I have plenty of second hand ones but was going to fit new if I can find one

  • Solution found via another thread

    Here is a shot of the old Volvo steering shaft and the new Coleman one.

    Good to know that is available as a replacement. I've seen some 240s where the rubber inside the fat shaft has significant play in it...

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    Thought I would update this from info gathered today. Some may already know but adding here anyway.

    As it turns out the part number that we required for a manual rack was actually 1229208 (verse power rack 1229209) and that fancy coleman spline found on the V8 thread and I bought is actually the same length as the power steering spline and not the longer manual steering spline.

    The 1229208 part number has been superseded and is now 8250301 (thanks to Eric at Hiperauto USA for advice and link to GCP direct). So part 8250301 from GCP delivered express to Australia is approx. $160

    FYI 1229209 is still available from Volvo Sydney and cost approx. $330
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