'92 Volvo 940 Power Steering High Pressure Hose

Hi All,

Anybody have a spare power steering high pressure hose about for a 1992 940?


  • bgpzfm142bgpzfm142 (@bgpzfm142) Launceston TAS
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    I believe turbo and non-turbo PS hoses are different.

    You may be better off getting Enzed or Pirtek to make up a new hose for you, which uses your fittings, lasts forever, and costs less than an OE one. .

    OE factory hoses are designed to fail.
  • My mechanic advised against that as he said that most of the time they don't fit right or it's a struggle to get back on..

    Thanks for that though..
  • Ex850RSnoopy (@Ex850R) Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.
    Ahhh, it's his job to fit it isn't it?
    If he can't fit a hose..... get a new mechanic, it's plain lazy. They make them the same as what you give them.
  • fearfulmasterfearfulmster (@fearfulmaster) Northern Beaches, Sydney

    Have a weeping high pressure hose on my 93 940. Item seem to be no longer available from the dealers.

    Rang pritek and enzed and they say they can cut the the hose, solder new fittings onto the the existing steel lines and put a new hose on it.

    Took the car to my usual mechanic and he said either he needs to lift the engine or drop the subframe to remove the pipe. He said due to the age of the car, it is probably not worth the effort and expense.

    My question is whether anyone knows if the whole pipe can be removed without lifting the engine or dropping the subframe.

    I have yet spoken to the hydraulics guys after seeing my mechanic but I suppose another possible alternative is to cut the pipe and put a hose on the section which loop over the subframe. Another possibility is just reuse the fittings into the rack and pump and replace the rest with a hose.

  • So old cars are not worth working on according to him

    Yes find another mechanic

  • fearfulmasterfearfulmster (@fearfulmaster) Northern Beaches, Sydney

    I think he means that the difficulty and time required to lift the engine, the potential complication and the lack of spares mean the potential risks and cost outweights the value of the vehicle.

    I had a short chat with another mechanic who has plenty of experience in classic cars and he thinks lifting the engine is no biggie. When the leak worsen, I will re-visit him and see if I can get a quote.

    Classic car owners love their cars and will pay whatever required to get it going. Where us although we own the 940 since new, we will keep it for as long as it is economical to do so.

    We have kept the 940 up till now as I can fix the easy stuff like fuel pump relay, radiators, etc. If we have to pay a mechanic for all repairs and service, we may not have kept the car till now.

  • Where abouts are you from?

  • fearfulmasterfearfulmster (@fearfulmaster) Northern Beaches, Sydney

  • fearfulmasterfearfulmster (@fearfulmaster) Northern Beaches, Sydney
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    I am in Sydney. Last year, when the car was parked in the Brookvale area, someone pushed a car for the volvo man (mechanic for classic volvos) into the driver's side window. It was a rainy day and the card disintegrated when I pulled it out. Can't find the volvo man on the internet. Otherwise I will give him a call.

  • Give Savvas in Alexandria a call. He sorted out my 940.

  • fearfulmasterfearfulmster (@fearfulmaster) Northern Beaches, Sydney

    Thanks for the recommendation @John_frisina I will check out Savvas. Alexandria is closer to me than Moorebank

  • Ex850RSnoopy (@Ex850R) Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.

    Good luck.

    I had an experience where a well regarded mechanic shop in country town looked at my 245 with fuelling issues , adjusted it a little but problem still existed. He didnt want to go any further chasing it because,as he said,he would be wasting other customers time by fixing an old problematic car with no clear time frame. He has customers who rely on him,he is very busy and looks after European cars as well as others very well. I guess it was falling into the resto type scenario mentioned above.

    Whilst I offered any amount t of cash for his time he still said no.

    This I can understand, sure,wasn't happy .....

    Car towed 280km to Voldat, John fixed it after some investigation.

    It was the big rubber bit with a crack... hard to find.

  • fearfulmasterfearfulmster (@fearfulmaster) Northern Beaches, Sydney

    Businessmen usually will take care of their best (most profitable) customers first. If you are a high spending regular, then he will go out of your way to help. If it is a one off job, then perhaps you are further down the list.

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