1975 244DL Survivor - keeping it real

jackafricaricho (@jackafrica) Hobart Tasmania
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The relentless search for a mint early 2 or 5 door 140 or 240 series is still on.
If you own an earlier car or any 1975, please post here.
Wasn't seeking a 244, however, for now, my thirst is slaked, with the arrival of a 1975 244DL.
Barely 1975, it's compliance plate being 1/75 and it is a Swedish build. This could be unusual, time will tell.
Contacted the factory and they have now replied. Thanks to Amanda Möllerstedt from the Volvo Museum.

Model 244
Chassis no.: 22910
Type: 244 441
Colour 42 = California White
Upholstery 4202 = Wine red
Engine no.: 1091
Body no.: 23847
Reported OK: 30 October 1974 (this is the assembly date) Fully Assembled in Sweden, not a CKD car.
Country of Delivery: Volvo Australia Pty Ltd Melbourne
Australian Compliance : 1/75

I'm trying to to restrict parts replaced to used, not NOS, unless they're maintenance items.
The kilometres are accurate and documented, apart from perhaps 5,000ks. Continuously registered and originally delivered in Melbourne on 14th April 1975, exactly 42 years ago today.
In 2003 it was purchased from the deceased estate of the original owner and subsequently lived in South Australia with three owners, 2003-2008, 2008-2014 and 2014-2017. Serviced during its life at only two establishments, meant a continuous history could be established. I am it's fifth owner and still the car has had no radio fitted!

Right now, everything is working and complete, except for the steel wheels.
Considerable work has been done to remove or diminish existing dents. Paintless dent repairs to rear guard, bonnet, one door and boot lid so far. The big ones are in the left sill, smaller in the LH spare wheel well and another in the roof. Their removal I'll cover in a future post.
Keeping the original paint original is the aim. Some spot touchups obvious and in keeping.
The white colour (creamy hue ) differs to the Aussie assembled models. The wine red interior is immaculate.


A clean and dare I suggest handsome jigger from the front.


The type plate reveals the Swedish build and the colour code.


This is the body plate referring the body number only , number is different to VIN, which is the completed vehicle ID.
There is a decal missing from this area, can anyone provide details?


This one has no power steering, no aircond, had no LH mirror until 2 years ago and still has no radio fitted. 4 owners.


Accessories and modifications from the delivered specification over 40 years ago are few.
AW70 lock up and 3.73 rear axle. Modified by Peter Smith @BMG to include OD relay and wired to dash. Rear housing changed to attach speedo and correct speedometer gear fitted.


King springs front and rear 1" lower.
Tow bar.
Volvo alloy wheels, dated 1984. ( needs a set of steel wheels dated 1974 to match the original spare )
Tachometer and LH mirror fitted. Both recently.
Front grill insect mesh.

Oddments tray on centre upper dash, fitted recently. Original cover strip to hand.

The clock was replaced along with the vents as a unit, from Craig Rasmussen in SA.
Light works too.

VOLVO marked rubber mats front and rear.
Anyone have any spare securing plastics, missing completely on the drivers side and one on the passenger front?


The original road wheels are gone, the spare wheel fortunately remains. It is dated 8/74 showing how early the parts were manufactured prior to production.


Do have a set of the original DL wheel caps, they didn't have a hubcap as such on this car. Don't know if these are original to the car, they have a smaller OD than the ID of the spare wheel. More research needed eh!


The early 240 series to me are worth saving. This one has survived and will continue to do so.
I'm fettling it carefully, making sure everything works correctly and cleaning everything. Replacing pieces as required with original parts.

Volvo used their own worm drive clamps. The red and blue paint on the cover band is a signature of their origin.
The metal timing cover was changed in later years to plastic.

The radiator is marked on the upper left side with the VOLVO logo and part number. This one has been recored and the fan shroud is a period replacement. Original decal. Thanks Marcus.


The fluid coupling fan has bright yellow blades on the B21E. When I received the car it had a later type fitted, it's correct now! The blades have a smaller surface area than the next generation all alloy blade version.


The front side of the fan has excellent paint, the rear side is well worn. Hmm, wonder how that happens?
Thanks again to Marcus and Greg@carnut1100


The sales brochure of the day shows a yellow bladed fan. Page 21 of the 1975 English brochure. Oz cars seem to be better specced than most.


No decals on the fuel cap lid. Note the large fuel cap, the introduction of unleaded fuels reduced the fuel filler neck diameter. Later Oz (1978) delivered cars had the tyre details located on a decal here.


The wine red interior is undamaged, apart from some sunburn on the upper rear seat top.
Front seats are delicious! Rebuilt the front drivers seat base with original parts.


Sunburn on back seat. When it came to my care the rear seat back was loose. Both upper mounting latches were missing.
Found one under the seat base and the other was in the original tool roll bag. Now reinstated. Even these brackets changed in later years, very pleased to have recovered the originals.


The plastics deteriorate with age, returning to a powder. A mate, Marcus M kindly allowed me to plunder some plastics from his crop of 240s. It's amazing what can be found to fit in even the late 240s.


The rear lamp lens needed replacement for registration. Thanks @iceton1975 and @volstretch for the left and right sides respectively. Both these lens are used not new.
Not too many 244 look this good under the tail lamps.


The glass is original Volvo, the screen is a genuine Volvo replacement. Surface rust only, just peeking out from the bright trim.


The original books and both sets of keys are there, albeit modified a little as the plastic tops of the keys are gone.
Really like what was done to keep the key top in a workable state. I think it might be part of a key ring for the 50th Anniversary.

For 1975, the "Green Book" servicing manual was contained in a single volume. This copy purchased from USA. 300 odd pages. Haynes manual #270 next to useless, unless starting your wood fire. Too coarse for wiping your bum.


Love the simple steering wheel and dash. The instrument colours too are very '70s.


The 1975 model, being an introductory year was changed extensively up to the 1978 model year.
Have been advised there were 300 changes during that time.
Here are the early sill/footplate covers.


RUST. It's there, on the surface visible, unavoidably at this stage of its life. Otherwise it is remarkably free of tin worm.
Below are some of popular areas to look.
Boot wheel wells



Under the rear bumper where the beaver panel joins. especially the corners; notorious.
This is the view when looking upward from beneath the car. This will be sympathetically treated to allow the original finish to remain and prevent any progress.

Well, that should do for a start. Really pleased to have the car made available to me, thanks William Wood from Tanunda, SA.
Please, if you have a 1975 240 of any type that's a survivor, include it here.

Really keen to see any period accessories or brochures from Volvo for the accessories.
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  • God damn I had my heart in my mouth for a minute there! My parents had a Melbourne delivered April 75 reg 244 from new until 1999. Sadly not this one, theirs was blue with brown interior.

    All early delivery 244s were built in Sweden, can't recall exactly when they swapped to local assembly but it was fairly quick. Yours will be a rare beast indeed.

    Interior is amazingly good, sunburn sets in fairly early in these and all would have had it within 10 years old. Air and PS pretty much non existent in those days, oddments tray and side mirror optional.

    Km amazingly low, explains the condition.

    Congratulations, I get the feeling it is in great hands.
  • So many little details common to the 74 140's, looks great!
  • jackafricaricho (@jackafrica) Hobart Tasmania
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    So many little details common to the 74 140's, looks great!

    It would look even more so if it had the lower spec heating controls. Haven't seen on of that type in a 244 in an Australian delivered 244, yet.
    I love the "old" boot and rear shape with the 140 lights, iconic to my eye.


  • Your heater controls are standard issue for the era, all were like that
  • It would look even more so if it had the lower spec heating controls. Haven't seen on of that type in a 244 in an Australian delivered 244, yet.

    Australia got the MCOMBU heater unit almost exclusively because of the mostly hot climate, and Mother Volvo figured the vast majority of buyers would want air conditioning. A/C wasn't an option on UCOMBU (lower spec) heater units.
  • lasercowboyRico (@lasercowboy) SE Suburbs, Melbourne
    Great find! She's a beaut - love the older back end on the sedan. Has wafts of 70s Jag/Bentley about it.

    Also, *this* is how you do a car thread - lots of detailed pics from the get-go :)
  • Vee_QueVee_Que (@Vee_Que) South Eastern suburbs Melbourne.
    Very nice. Not original like you've said, but I prefer cars with improvements than being all original. It's a tad boring.
  • AshDVSAsh (@AshDVS) - Geelong, VIC
    Glad you finally got hold of one.
    MUCH better than the GT I took a look at for you.
    Looking forward to more of the story!
  • Interesting to see the rear outboard seatbelts are not inertia reel? We had a 75 245 that did have inertia reel belts in the rear outboard positions so it seems the early sedans missed out! Very nice car!
  • jackafricaricho (@jackafrica) Hobart Tasmania
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    Inertia reels on the rear fitted to the wagons first perhaps?
    There have been a couple of early sedans surface recently, though attempts at gleaning fine detail from the owners hasn't been forthcoming.
    I'm in a minority when it comes to detail and originality.

  • I'm stretching to recall but I have a feeling my parents 75 didn't have inertia reels in the back
  • zzdhallawrathgar (@zzdhalla) Oatlands Tasmania,..... and Muniganene in Qld
    Remember it was only "original" once - as it left the factory - anything that happened afterwards has added to its history. We should respect that too. :-)
  • For sure, respect and celebrate the journey and life of your car and it will open up it's life story.
  • I posted this in radar as well...you probably can get details off the compliance plate or have a look since it's in Tassie:
  • jackafricaricho (@jackafrica) Hobart Tasmania
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    I posted this in radar as well...you probably can get details off the compliance plate or have a look since it's in Tassie:

    The compliance plate doesn't provide the details of manufacture, it's on the type plate.
    It's an Aussie assembled unit. I spoke with the owner a month ago, no pic or details of the type plate.
    Does have the correct wheels though, with an appropriate date of manufacture, as far as the owner recollects.
    The car itself is 200ks distant. If there were somewhere to store temporarily up north I'd look at the purchase.
    Pickles only allow 48 hours for pick up.
    Thanks for sharing the information.

    Wed 19th July update.
    I know where the car is currently, unfortunately the wheels are not available to me. Still 200ks away from me.
  • jackafricaricho (@jackafrica) Hobart Tasmania
    Dash Repair.
    The dash on the 244 has (as most do) a crack to the left side of the instrument binnacle. A previous owner had repaired with grey silicone the crack, a PO too had provided a dash mat to hide the repair and save the remaining areas of black vinyl from further deterioration.

    This image shows the crack with the top surface silicone removed.

    The repair began with the crack gouged out and new material put in place. It's quite a time consuming process.
    Quite a large area to repair.

    I wondered how the repair of the crack at the front out of sight when in the car would be effected.
    With a mirror my son!
    The main repair has been completed but not finished. You can see the pattern for the vinyl to the left.

    There's lots of filling and smoothing with a palette until the final finish.

    Here's the final finish. Take into account the light is streaming in on the work, the angle of the image is critical to the finished work.


    Barry Gittus from Uticolor, Hobart completed the work just over 2 hours with not a seconds break.
    the result is very good and the original dash is still there, keeping with my desire to keep it real.
    The stitched dash mat is back in place, protecting the dash.
  • Wow looks good!
  • DCW242Duncan (@DCW242) - Western Victoria

    I just got this '75 244DL with 83.847Ks, it has a few genuine options, the original books and keys. It was locally assembled.

  • Nice. I saw it for sale and was so tempted but put off by the engine problem ? I have had b21s before and nothing could kill them

  • DCW242Duncan (@DCW242) - Western Victoria

    It turned out to be the fan clutch, the fluid has leaked out and it was making noise. I replaced the fan and it was fine, it drives pretty well. It has a bit of play in the left tie rod end, and it has to be kept running for the first few mins when cold started, apart from that it seems totally fine.

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