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For sale posts are required to follow a certain format. Yes we will nit-pick it, no you cannot "sort-of" follow the rules.

What to do when your ad is successful
  1. Edit the thread title so that it starts with "[SOLD]". To edit the thread, use the gear ⚙ icon to the right of the thread title
  2. Use the Flag button to alert a moderator, and write "This item is sold" in the message box.

When posting, follow these rules
  1. All threads must specify state. If you live somewhere regional, add the town onto the end of the title
  2. All car threads must specify model, year, transmission, colour, and price
  3. All car threads must include at least one photo
  4. Parts threads should display years and models the parts are for, where appropriate. If you're doing a clearout and selling lots of parts for lots of different models, you can be more general about what models they apply to
  5. All car thread titles must follow the same format as this example:
    [NSW] 1981 244 GL - white - M46 - 6 months rego - $3000
  6. You can add other specifics if you think they're important, e.g.
    [NSW] 1981 244 GL - white - auto - blown HG - $500
    [NSW] 1992 240 - silver - auto - cold AC! - $2000
  7. Don't post in all caps
  8. A price is required. Negotiable is okay, for example "$2500 ONO", or "$4000 negotiable". No price on inquiry and no being cagey about the price.
  9. No feeler threads. If you want help valuing something, post in the Garage/Questions category

Other notes:
  • Avoid putting "Volvo" in the title. This is Oz Volvo, everyone already knows its a Volvo.
  • If the model doesn't make it obvious, state whether its a sedan or wagon, e.g.
    [TAS] 1996 850R wagon - grey - $2000
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  • Seems to be a certain Lack of conviction on this site from sellers . One picture just doesn't cut it these days . Surely if you want something sold you'd put up a decent advert with as many pictures as possible . Oh and the 'old' you'll have to sort out the shipping yourself quote cracks me up ! YOU are the seller so sort the postage out ffs . If you want YOUR items sold sort your shit out .

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