Pre 90's Volvo wagon WANTED SA

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Hi All,
Usually prowling the Datsun forums however I find myself looking for a Volvo wagon. Hoping to find in SA as I am time poor to travel too far to pick one up and save inspections etc, however interstate cars in Adelaide are OK. Looking for cheap reliable transport with plenty of room.
Hit me with what you have, doesnt have to be beautiful and am mechanically minded so minor repairs are OK too provided its not too costly or time consuming.
jarrodwhite74 at gmail dot com if you want to send me details.


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    Missed one - less than 24 hrs yesterday on gumtree so you need to be quick.
    240 personal import. M47 manual /B230E.
    Body was average.
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    Was that the one in Canberra?
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    No adelaide. Two so fat this year.
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    Thanks. I'll keep an eye on gumtree.
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