Volvo 240 interior parts

Hi Team

I have a blue interior and looking at going back interior. Any door cards and the handles etc? Also carpets and mud trays in black.

Failing that any blue leather eat covers or the cool blue stripped interiors lying around. Pm me please.


  • Black or grey is an extremely rare interior colour

    What year is your 240?

  • guts on the black interior being rare.

    that’s the story of my build over the last 3 years.

  • 1990-1993 it looks like

  • yip, last winter we rebuilt the complete suspension, bushings, glt sway bars, springs etc etc,

    ive collected the full factory turbo gear and chippable ecu and ezk and 531 head and factory intercooler etc which goes in in a few weeks.

    where not sure if we rebuild and recon the bottom end and do forged rods and pistons etc. as the block has squirter Chanel’s in it.

    but now I’m starting to collect the interior. All our other cars are black with black leather and like the look of them so now I’ve started hunting it out.

  • 1991 running 2.4lh

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