Assistance with Haldex in Newcastle area


I have a 2012 xc60 d5 r-design that has had an issue with error on startup showing AWD disabled for about 3 months. The car still drives fine using front wheel drive only

i have tried changing the oil in the Haldex unit 2 times, cleaned the screens, checked the pump is working by connecting to 12v supply, checked all the fuses relating to the Haldex DIM. I have connected to Vida and the related error shows DEM-P188971 oil pressure performance - mechanical failure - actuator stuck.

im good at following direct instructions, especially the helpful videos on YouTube but I’m not a mechanic by any means. I was thinking the Haldex module might be faulty? Maybe the actuator is related to one of the sensors inside this unit? The version of the Haldex seems to require removal of the prop shaft in order to access the removal of the module. I don’t want to go down this path myself and am looking for either:

a) something to try I have missed if somebody has had this before OR

b) a recommendation from Deere as to whom in the Newcastle or even Sydney area that is very good with this sort of problem. I have seen online that if the module is faulty it’s not as though you can just swap it for another it has to be reprogrammed or something in order to work in another car

Thanks for any assistance this has been an ongoing problem for a while and I’m looking to sell this car in order to upgrade soon so I really would like to solve it

Thanks. Chris

Pls ignore the below photo it’s from something else but I can’t seem to delete it


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