S/V/C70 1998 v70 t5 Auto transmittion Problem

MickbMick @Mickb Central Coast NSW

Hi all

Today I replaced near side front drive shaft, lost (then replaced) about 1 ltr transmittion fluid, took for a test drive to the end of street and back, heard an ominous bang then no gears, makes like a grinding sound when put in park but doesn't lock the wheels, can push car in "park".

Any response is greatly appreciated


  • The driveshaft has come out of the transmission, it wasn't pushed in far enough to engage the circlip

  • MickbMick @Mickb Central Coast NSW

    Thanks Ramrod

    I tried to pull it out after install, little movement but seemed locked in, is it possible that the old one on drivers side gave up the ghost through it's weakness ?

    Also lost a lot of fluid where I installed the new one when it got up to perating temperature, on top of that it makes a grinding noise when going from drive gears to park, oh, I only gave it a little squirt on the go pedal when it went.

    Am throwing in the new drivers side one today, if that's no change I'll double check the short one again.

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