chance to buy 1982 240 wagon

CanoeCanoe @Canoe Sydney,NSW.

Its in good nick, but has problems with the motor. Done 450ks. Runs OK, but there is something wrong with the motor. Do these have fire traps. Its building up pressure, and it had the seal on the dip stick removed.

Body is in really good nick. Yellow. Been garaged since bought in 92.

The last 240 i had was a 1992. So what kind of problems with injection system, or other things that will probably need to be replaced.

The guy is unsure what he wants for it. I said the known motor problem effects the rice. I just want a reliable daily.

Thanks for any feedback.


  • Expect the fuel tank to be cruddy and the main fuel pump to be cactus. The in-tank pump and fuel gauge sender may be very second-hand.

    At minimum, expect for fork out for replacing these, then also expect to do a Stage 0 with new hoses, thermostat, fuel filter, leads, plugs, dizzy cap, timing belt and tensioners, etc. Vacuum leaks affect how K-Jet runs. Couldn't hurt to give the injectors a clean.

    If you mean flame traps by fire traps - yes, they have them, and you do need a clean flame trap. If the rear main oil seal has had a lot of crankcase pressure on it over a lot of time, it's probably fornicated. If you have to change it, it's worth doing the front crank seal at the same time. But you may be lucky and a clean flame trap might make the oil leaks go away.

    Check the wiring loom too, these were in the era of having the wire insulation plastic that crumbles, particularly in the engine bay. Ignition modules and dizzy hall sensors are usually reliable, they either work 100% or not at all.

    IMHO body repair is more difficult and costly than these types of mechanical repair.

  • CanoeCanoe @Canoe Sydney,NSW.

    Captain Ledfoot. IMHO body repair is more difficult and costly than these types of mechanical repair."

    This is what has me thinking to buy it.

    Body is way better than average, so all the other stuff I can fix over time.

    Thanks for the reply.

  • Seaside Garage on youtube recently disassembled a k-jet system on a Saab 900. It's not a guide on how to resurrect a k-jet system, but will give you an idea of how it works and what's inside. I owned a k-jet 240 that had sat for a long time and the injector seals had degraded so much that most fell apart on removal. It ran well after both the large and small injector seals were replaced and the other little vacuum leaks were fixed. It was a nice daily driver.

  • 240240 @240 Canberra

    The issue with oil pressure should be fixed if you replace the flame trap, oil trap, and clean all the related hoses to get rid of all the carbon. However if it's been bad for a while there may be oil leaks.

  • CanoeCanoe @Canoe Sydney,NSW.

    This is what concerns me about the engine. Im pretyty sure its had a blocked flame trap for so many years, Im concerned of oil leaks that will take the rebulding of the engine, to fix them.

    imagine running around with a blocked flame trap for nearly 7 years, and no rubber seal on the dipstick to compensate. lol

    But Im also considering getting a nissan twin cam turbo engine into it. Im talking about an older version, not an injection model. The Body is really good,so i have to act, because the guy want to get rid of it, before rego runs out.

  • 240240 @240 Canberra

    If you want a bit of a project then it's not even that big a deal to just do every seal in the engine, although the sump gasket is tricky as you have to drop the steering rack.

    You can probably tell how bad it's going to be by seeing how much oil is on the bottom of the engine.

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