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The LOLvo

Short time lurker and totally ignorant of all things Volvo so asking for forgivness in advance.

This will be a thread for a collobarative build with my brother Tim. We've both built numerous cars of many and varied types over the years and wanted to do someting we can share and enjoy together. Tim has a sickness for FX/FJ Holdens and has just put his Group Nc LJ Torana race car back on the road. I completed my BMW M3 powered 240Z a few years ago and neeeded another project in the shed.

So what to build? We both like wagons and I'm an unashamed big fan of this thing:

We found a suitable candidate in QLD and managed to get someone to check it over for us and he gave it an unequivocal tick of approval so money was paid and transport down to Melburnistan was arranged.

The LOLvo is well worn with 319,000 ks on the clock but rust free and apart from the passenger side doors being repainted shows no sign of accident damage.

Plan is for a LS with single turbo, TH400 and 9inch. We need to get the car registered in Vic before tear down and shenanigans can begin so needs a RWC. Biggest issue was the rear main that was pissing out so went to remove the trans which requires the removal of the trans dipstick tube and subsequently found out that they dont like being undone and the thread was destroyed. Big thanks to @timbo and @ramrod for steering me in the right direction for a replacement tube.

The old rear main was well truly munted, also replaced the flame trap and got the PCV system working properly while at it.

The beige interior is pretty good except for the front seats where the foam had pushed through the frames and was not supported in any way so had to rebuild the foam and put new webing in the backs and fix the bases. Came up pretty well considering.

Have to make the old girl look more respectable so needed to tackle the really badly oxidised paint

End of long first post!

LS's are not easy to come by at the moment so hit me up if you have one for sale or any leads. Preferably complete with accessories and ECU and harness.



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  • jamesincJames @jamesinc Oz Volvo Ice Fortress

    Subscribed, this should be good! There's a few other LS builds floating around on the forums and I remember at least one of them used a Ford 9" but sounds like you already have a pretty good idea what you're getting into!

  • I love your Datsun have seen it pop up online very nice work

  • Ex850RSnoopy @Ex850R Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.

    Love the poo brown Datsun had back then.

  • Nice work! Following!

  • edited September 2022

    So this is registered now and ready to start removing all things excess to requirements including the following but I have no idea what they are worth so some guidance would be appreciated:

    Engine, runs well and has new rear main seal. 319,000 km and can test drive before removal.

    Trans, shifts well and overdrive works fine. Fresh oil and new dipstick tube!



    Complete HVAC system including Air con. Fan bushes are shot so squeals like a pig!

  • Ex850RSnoopy @Ex850R Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.

    May be keen on transmission and air on no idea $ I'll ask Mark, he is guru.

    It in Melbourne?

  • Thanks @Ex850R , got a couple of irons in the fire

  • LS1's sure have gone up a crazy amount, the last manual VY SS I bought from the insurance auctions was $3k and I recovered about $2k selling off random parts 😆

    Keen to see it in the 245, should be a riot!

  • I looked at buying insurance right off's but they have changed the laws in Vic since September last year and to buy you MUST have an EPA Licence. No other way.

  • No turning back now!

    HVAC removed......what a job. This wont be required so if anyone needs parts let me know.

  • Trying to tidy up the engine bay wiring so removed the full engine harness including ECU and ignition controller. Next job is to cut open the interior harness and remove everything except whats required to run the lights, wipers/washers, guages and horn.

    Amazed at how solid this car is, the floors are pristine! #notdatsunlife

    The engine harness and ECU are for sale. Also the full sound deadening from the floors and firewall which are as good as new if anyone is interested

    Pulled the rear seat and carpet and still amazed at how good the floors are.

    Finished stripping out the engine bar harnesses, these are ready to retape using proper Tessa cloth tape. Why Volvo chose to use such bulky and ugly plastic wiring protection is beyong me.

    Given the LS and trans will likely be inserted and removed many times it made sense to pull the raditor support of their better ideas I would say.

  • jamesincJames @jamesinc Oz Volvo Ice Fortress

    PVC conduit? It's hardier than cloth tape. Although after a few decades it gets brittle. New PVC conduit is great, looks much nicer than the aged conduit, and is soft and flexible.

    I like cloth tape but for a super clean install I think I'll always go for PVC sleeve and heat shrink and cloth tape for junctions. The Volvo OE conduit is definitely way oversize in some places, makes it look shit as it folds up on itself.

  • Yeah, PVC is better in some respects but doesn't age well. The braided or woven alternative looks more MIL spec and lasts well but is pretty pricey

  • What’s the part number on the ecu and how much would you like for it?

  • Pulled the LOLvo out of the shed so I could blast 33 years of crud out of the engine bay.

    The first cut......battery tray has to go to make way for forced induction device

    My nephew picked up the TH400 donor car on the weekend

  • Ex850RSnoopy @Ex850R Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.

    Oooh, TH400! Long time since I've heard that! Kool.

    Car looks in good nik!

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