850 Central locking activates when foot is put on brake pedal?

Hi I have a problem when I hit the brake pedal the central locking activates and the orange blown light warning light on the dash is illuminated briefly.

I have changed the motor in boot as it was playing up and thought that was the issue but its still doing it..

Has anyone else had this issue ?



  • Ex850RSnoopy @Ex850R Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.

    Crossed wires.

    Search the wiring where you were doing work.

  • The impossible is happening, most interesting.

    The central locking fob sensor is located behind the glovebox on the 850 (remove box) and unclip the sensor to see if that’s part of the issue, or not.

  • radoSteve'o @rado Shoalwater or Bunbury WA

    I'm intrigued with this myself . Not heard anything like this . Hmm

  • Hi All,

    I found 2 wires the black and white in the loom that was running through passenger side hinge in the boot that were broken.

    Joined them and soldered them up and no more central locking issues.

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