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C70 Mark 1 Granite Dash

I have posted this before but without much success. A couple of "will call you back" that never happened and one that went on for many weeks before finally they stopped answering messages.

I am after the dash for a 1998 Volvo C70 in good condition and hopefully in granite colour. Not the dash cover but the full dash that bolts to the firewall. They are left usually in the car when it finally goes to the crusher. I am happy to pay packaging and shipping to Brisbane and a good price. Granite is preferred but will look at other colours. If you have one please get in contact and I can tell you

what I want to do.



  • I'm pretty sure mark has a good one at berry motors

  • Three phone calls to him and every time it was <I will call you back>...still waiting. If I do not hear anything from Oz Volvo will try him again

  • Ex850RSnoopy @Ex850R Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.

    I used them for our cars and they have been super busy,short staffed, two months out on service appts at one point and last time was there he was away on holiday and they couldn't cope with the bedlam, hardly any room to park the place was overloaded.

    Like everywhere Covid is an issue, they even had to close for a week recently.

    Remind him.

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