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Wanted: AW70 dipstick tube preferably in Melbourne

Hi all.

First time Volvo owner......bought an 89 240 GL wagon from QLD and in need of a dipstick tube for the AW70. Went to remove the trans yesterday to do the engine rear main and the tube nut on the dipstick tube is destroyed.




  • They always strip the threads, too late now by if you're dropping trans in future leave it connected. Berry motor group should be able to help or possibly @ramrod

  • Thanks @timbo. yes too late now as I found out after googling.

    Ahhh, the trials of learning a different old car.

  • So what is the actual part that is damaged? The hexagonal 15/16" sized nut or the threads of it? Or the pan could be damaged too when guys fail to counterhold the large nut on the pan, and the soft metal there just cracks rendering the pan useless.

    I can help supply either parts, PS before you go changing the rear crankshaft seal, do be sure to replace all of the breather system parts on the engine as they can be partially or fully blocked causing oil leaks

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