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940 & 960 Help: Injector Impedance query

mjk_9574Matt @mjk_9574 Perth, Western Australia

Hey all,

Ive purchased some Deatschwerks 440cc injectors made for Redblock applications, but they don’t have much in the way of a description in regard to Impedance. On One website I found information that they had a resistance of 8.8ohm. Does this make them high or low Impedance?

Attached is a Characteristics Chart they had on there official website, can anyone make sense of this for me? Electrics and wiring isn’t a strong suit of mine.




  • 8.8 ohms makes 'em mid impedance.

    Regular NA injectors = 0 280 150 762 = 15.7 ohms

    Regular +T injectors = 0 280 150 804 = 2.2 ohms

    B234 injectors = 0 280 150 749 = 14.2 ohms

    Look-uppable on

  • mjk_9574Matt @mjk_9574 Perth, Western Australia

    So I’ll probably still need some sort of resistors in place to run them do you reckon?

  • I would, probably around 7 ohms each, non-wire wound, with plenty of wattage, to bring each injector impedance closer to 16 ohms at the ECU.

  • mjk_9574Matt @mjk_9574 Perth, Western Australia

    My ecu is from a 1995 940 Turbo, given they ran low impedance injectors, does that mean I’ll have to somehow make the injectors have less resistance? Or did the turbos have resistors between the injectors and ecu from factory?

  • jamesincJames @jamesinc Oz Volvo Ice Fortress

    If you had low-impedance injectors from the factory, you will have a resistor pack mounted in the engine bay. It looks like four small white sticks of dynamite with wires sticking out the end (honestly best description I can think of).

    8.8 ohm is an unusual value, what's the part number of the Deatschwerks injectors you're using?

  • mjk_9574Matt @mjk_9574 Perth, Western Australia

    I’m currently doing a turbo conversion on my NA B230FB motor so it has the high impedance injectors from factory. That’s why I would need to wire in these resistors myself

    The SKU on those injectors is:  18U-09-0440-4

    Like I said it was hard to find information on these, I can’t remember which website said they were 8.8ohm


  • mjk_9574Matt @mjk_9574 Perth, Western Australia

    Here’s a screenshot of some information I found on a Dutch website

  • jamesincJames @jamesinc Oz Volvo Ice Fortress

    In that case, just test it, get a multimeter in resistance mode and measure the resistance between the two pins on each injector and report back. If you don't own a multimeter the $25 budget one Jaycar sells is more than adequate for analogue automotive circuits.

  • Looks like youll also need to change injector connectors.. Factory ones are Bosch Junior/minitimer.

    Raceworks do sell adaptor plugs if you don't want to cut up the factory wiring.

  • Vee_QueVee_Que @Vee_Que South Eastern suburbs Melbourne.

    If it's listed for a 940, the plug should be the correct one.

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