[240] Custom tailshaft advice - R154 conversion

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I'm in the process of swapping a 1UZ-FE (Lexus v8) and Toyota R154 manual transmission into my 240 sedan.

The engine/box is mounted and plumbed/wired and I am now ready to have the tail shaft built. I have an OEM 2" 240 (manual) shaft here.

My initial plan was to have a shop lengthen the front shaft and fit a uni-joint and slip yoke to suit the Toyota gearbox (as per Anthony Hyde's W58 write-up), and run an OEM 740/940 centre bearing (with fabbed bracket).

However, a drive shaft shop that I spoke to have told me that having two slip joints (one at the gear box and the other between the two shafts) and the 'soft' OEM centre bearing will allow too much fore/aft movement of the shaft which will cause problems.

They want to start from scratch and build a whole new tailshaft with commodore centre bearing and CV joint.

Of course, they are the industry experts, and if I need to, I will do as they say. But he also hasn't done a volvo engine swap before.

I am interested whether anyone has a tailshaft with two slip-joints in it, and whether you've run into any issues.

Thanks in advance!


Progress pic for context!



  • fills the bay nicely

  • Two slip joints is fine. Thats what most people who do a T5 transmission swap end up with.

    As the slip joint at the transmission doesnt really need to be there, it can be pushed in pretty deep. There is no way for the driveshaft to move enough to come apart.

  • or go 1 peice as per the carnage trolvo and make it easier on yourself.

  • With a 1 piece you need to be careful of gearbox output height relative to the body, how much you are preared to raise the driftshaft tunnel and how low you want the car to be able to go.

    I have a r150 (more or less the same as a r154) mounted relatively high v's the body with first part of tramsmission tunnel raised and i couldnt make a 1 piece work.

  • SpacSpac @Spac Canberra-ish.

    Honestly, if they’re not recommending going to a bloody 1-piece tailshaft, then that’s a good sign that they actually know what they are talking about.

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