Help: Fuel pump to suit +t conversion 940GLE

mjk_9574Matt @mjk_9574 Perth, Western Australia

Hey all, i’m in the process of doing a turbo conversion on my B230FB.

Im running a TD04hl-19T on low boost (0.8bar) with a chipped ecu and ezk and 440cc injectors.

I was wondering if the NA fuel pump will cope, and if not what other alternatives are there that I can install?




  • Yes the original fuel pumps are sufficient, are you installing an air-fuel gauge? This will tell you if you start running lean at higher boost and revs

  • This is what I run and it doesn't give any dramas.

    Volvo Electric Fuel Pump - BOSCH - 0580464025, 69594 - NEW OEM | eBay

    Yeah, there's cheaper stuff around, but the pennies saved are lost when the cheap stuff dies and towing is needed.

    IMO the NA pump isn't up to the job. I once had a 740T with a Pierburg NA pump and it never ran properly until a proper Bosch pump was fitted.

  • Looking at the part numbers it appears there is a difference between turbo and NA fuel pumps but I'm not sure exactly what the difference is. If doubtful do as Bob says and change to the turbo pump 9142045

    NA is 9142044

  • carnut222Greg S @carnut222 Daylesford VIC
    edited June 19

    Turbo pump at a bad price:

  • carnut222Greg S @carnut222 Daylesford VIC
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    Note link to RockAuto didn't work, but that's a pic...~$115+shipping ($159.90AUD incl tax and shipping FedEx). Just search for the p/n that @ramrod posted 9142045...looks like Bosch equivalent number is 69594. Shop around. $154AUD on Amazon including postage.

  • mjk_9574Matt @mjk_9574 Perth, Western Australia

    Once again you guys have gone above and beyond to answer my questions. Thank you very much for this information. I’ve purchased a 9142045 Fuel Pump 👍

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