I love when the mail arrives (P80 Dash)

I probably should of started a build thread a few years ago to document my Volvo adventures ups and downs some very informative to me and some keeping me out right broke with dodgy second hand parts.

Dodgy failed second hands green giant injectors. That ended up strippomg teeth of my fly wheel and I was lucky enough my gearbox caught them lol an adventure I wasn't ready for.

Tough luck to me any way I love the sound of my Shar Pei barking at the silent sound of the Aus Posty on his Electric trike as he brings me some new gifts.

I have been searching for P80 V70R Blue faced instrument cluster for a while now and to iwith no luck.

the only one i have managed to find is currently listed on eBay for about $500 Aus and I like to spend my hard earned cash like every one else but I think thats a bit steep and its also an Euro dash so MPH/KPH combined So me.

So I did some digging and some research and I stumbled across a company that can make custom guages so I have ended up with this I will fit it when I am home from work next and see if its good but first appearances look good. And I found some nice looking brushes Aluminium dial rings to accent my dash...

Now I have a complete fakeR instrument cluster the only other thing I am struggling to find is the Aluminium dash trim to replace My horrible wood grain if all else fails I will go carbon.



  • radoSteve'o @rado Shoalwater or Bunbury WA

    They look nice Tom , I've actually been watching this set up for a while now along with the rings. Be interested to see how they light up . Are those dials the same as the ones that come with / without a yellow embalm ?

  • Ex850RSnoopy @Ex850R Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.

    Find some cool colour globes to put in while you are in there. Test before fully installed tho....

    I reckon my first V70R didn't have the blue faces! Can't recall if the 2nd car had either but it's still alive , think Jay K has it now.

    I just bought piano Black gloss stick on trim kit for my V60 from Turkey I'll see if they do other models . Its worth looking at Alibaba for trim recolour kits too but I guess any 3M sticky stuff is cool.

  • Hi LLoyd,

    you still looking for V70r aluminium trim... I am pretty sure I have a set.

    I also have two Shar Pei's.



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