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[WA] Anyone fancy a $12,500 Volvo V40 T4?

[Note: not mine - sharing here for entertainment and commentary purposes]

I've seen some crazy prices for cars since COVID, and I know that phase 2 Volvo V40 T4's are very rare in Australia, but $12,500???

It has modifications, clear coat issues, rust and a dent or two. Even the seller says it could do with a respray.

I actually wanted to buy this when it was last for sale in 2002 for $5,000 but this time around it doesn't seem so attractive.



  • radoSteve'o @rado Shoalwater WA
    edited February 2022

    There is talk on this on the WAVE pages on fb I noticed this morning . Apparently it was for sale a few days ago considerably cheaper. Then boom 12k . ...

    Couple of screenshots

  • Yeah the original price was more like it. If you were a chancer you might have tried doubling it, but over 12k? Don't tell 'em they're dreaming, tell 'em they're psychotic :)

  • Wow, so it seems it got sold for $2,800 (or less) then the new owner immediately advertised it for sale for $12,500.

  • That's pretty much it , how the conversation is going on over there.

  • paul0075Paul0075 @paul0075 Canberra, ACT
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    Not even crazy rare. If he was talking about a manual T4 V40 super tourer, then that's rare. But still not worth 5 figures!

  • SpacSpac @Spac Canberra-ish.

    Now we just have to wait and watch the subsequent price drops with the matching text edits cycling from arrogance to desperation.

  • It could actually be the only phase 2 T4 in Australia. Volvo discontinued the T4 locally when the phase 2 came out. It's the only phase 2 T4 I've ever seen in Australia over the last decade or so. I've seen a few Super Touring editions though.

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    Could be, but it still comes down to the market for such a thing - and I'd doubt anyone would pay 12K unless it was a collector with deep pockets and a love for old Volvos. Even then it would need to be super low k's and museum condition, which it isn't. If the seller is right, you've got thousands into a respray, new headliner, there's an aftermarket head unit that detracts from the originality plus the exhaust etc. So let's say total $20k to buy it at the asking price then put it exactly right. Yeah, nah.

  • This seems to be happening more and more with Volvos. Only recently, there was that red 1800ES. 30 odd k up to 70. A 240 up this way sold recently for ~5k and only the other day went back up for 12k. I wonder if it’s happening with most car makes or if people are just being opportunistic and taking advantage of the people out there unaware in the moderate increase in prices on older Volvos.

    I mean you can’t blame a man for trying.. there are plenty of people out there who are paying a lot more for cars that only a few years ago, we would never have dreamed of. Manual turbo cars especially are a commodity.

    When you compare this to the prices being asked on an 850R, it doesn’t seem too wild. I mean they are somewhat comparable cars.. it’s just that they don’t have the cult status of the 850R. (Understandably cos they lack 5 banger..)

    Honestly, if this car was perfect, ie. paint perfect, no dints, lower kms?, service history, I reckon it’d be valued about right.

    I mean it’s just inflation hey. It’s kind of like this increase in the value of houses. Like yeah, your house is worth 100 grand more than it was last year but they all are! You can’t sell it and go and buy a better house cos all houses have gone up. So where does the extra value get you?

    You look at the price on P1800s and you think wow, finally people are seeing what a special car they are.. but then you see a triumph spitfire for $60 grand haha

  • It's an 03 model by airbag and VIN which means it has the wrong headlights and indicators. Manual is quite rare in these too.

  • Price now reduced to $9,700. Still no chance of selling anywhere near that I would say.

  • 3k and I will but it lol

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