Wanted: P2 2.4t parts

G'day Gang,

I am officially back in a Volvo after a massive hiatus and I am now casting the net for some parts to satisfy my hunger for ruining these great cars.

I've picked up a 2001 XC70 2.4t manual AWD and am seeking practically any parts already located in Australia, preferably as the overseas freight charges are absolutely absurd to improve upon this majestic vehicle in rough order of priority:

-metal turbo inlet pipe/cold air intake

-true front mount (not sandwiched between the condenser and radiator) intercooler upgrade

-upgraded dump pipe (and rest of exhaust if possible)

-upgraded injectors

-uprated turbo (16/18/19 or other bolt-on preferred)

-roof spoiler

-stereo upgrade (has HU613 currently)

-other sundry parts that you have which I haven't thought of and may be interested in

I'm located on South Coast NSW near Nowra but travel to Sydney often and Melbourne somewhat regularly. Let me know if you have anything you're looking to sell! Great to be back 😁


  • Ex850RSnoopy @Ex850R Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.


    Have you looked at air/water/air intercooler? Can buy kits off eboy and PWR Aussies make em too, it guarantees charge temperatures no matter the ambient temperature.

    DO88 is the go to or regular Samco or go cheap GP Racing on eboy (warehouse in Melbourne) for hose kits/intercoolers.

    The GP Racing intercooler is the $2-300 eboy special and really good imho. As a welder , to me it's fine, worked really well for me on P80, not for high HP as not bar/plate.

    Kinegawa turbo or KKK ones off later turbo Ovlovs?

    Keep a build thread please!


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