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240 240 Wagon Start/Stop 'clunking/crunching 'from rear end

morch_66479morch_66479 @morch_66479 Melbourne, VIC
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Hi All,

I have a pretty loud clunk/crunch noise coming from the rear of my 240 wagon when I touch the brakes and then the throttle. It only happens when hit the brake to come to a stop and then again when taking off. It's ok when rolling along at 100km/h or hitting bumps.

I've had it up on axle stands twice and still can't find any damaged bushing or joints that are loose when i pry off them. Shaft joints are all tight and carrier bearing also looks good. I'm lost as to what it might be and the clunk is getting louder as time passes.




  • Check for movement at the brake calipers, and lower trailing arm bushings are common at this age, torque rods too

  • I checked torque rods & lower trailing arm bushes - all A1

    I also had a look at the hand brake assembly - all looks A1

    I had a look at the brake calipers but never checked for movement, what should i be looking for here? the brake pads moving about within the caliper?

  • jamesincJames @jamesinc Oz Volvo Ice Fortress

    Auto or manual? Could be excessive backlash in the diff. I also one time had some soft exhaust hangers at the back that caused the exhaust to bang into the underbody, made a clunk going over bumps too. Took me ages to figure that one out.

  • It's an auto. I'm not sure what the exact tolerances are for the backlash but i compared it's feel to another 240 auto wagon i have. I was able to crawl in under the car & move the drive shaft ever so slightly when in neutral. They feel similar and the other wagon doesn't 'clunk'

    Drained some diff oil to check for shards of metal - All OK

    Checked rear brake & hand hand brake calipers for movement - All OK

    Shook and checked exhaust clearances - All OK

    Darn, this is super annoying now as i feel i should have spotted the issue or noticed some substantial wear somewhere.

  • Show us a video of the noise if possible

  • I'll try get one when i drive it next :)

  • What is the gearbox mount like?

    I had a similar noise driving me nuts, and found it by accident - moving myself under the car, found I could move the rear of the gearbox with my hand. Under braking, with weight transfer, it was jumping out of place.

  • morch_66479morch_66479 @morch_66479 Melbourne, VIC
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    Oh great question, I might get around to inspecting the trans mount tomorrow. I could have sworn the noise was from the back but it could just be transferring down through the driveline.

    I'll update tomorrow.

  • I tried taking a video but it's super hard to make out the clunk over all the other running noises etc.

  • Could you get someone else to help, maybe have the camera closer to the rear end

  • morch_66479morch_66479 @morch_66479 Melbourne, VIC
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    Since the last update I’ve done a few things but still to no avail:


    Had it up on the lift at Berry Motors and discovered the right engine mount needed replacing – done last night

    All bushes are - OK

    Pulled out half shafts to check for wear and bearing condition. All ok but noticed the axle had diff oil in in. Is this ok?

    Checked drive shaft joints – OK

    New OEM Volvo exhaust system from cat back, new hangers etc. - OK

    Installed new handbrake shoes – OK

    Checked rear shock bushes and shaft for movement - OK



    Tonight I hope to:

    Check gearbox mounts

    Check for brake pad movement in rear calipers

  • Hi everyone,

    I still haven't resolved this issue and boy it's becoming very frustrating. I'm very close to reaching my diagnostic limits and may just need to swap out the rear axle if i can't find the issue this weekend.

    I swapped out the rear shocks last week as recommended by Berry's but it still makes this horrid noise.

    Is there any Volvo 240 savvy 240 folk living on the West side of Melbourne that would like to come visit me for an hour or so to help me find the issue. I'm based in point Cook.

  • Do you have any diff or gearbox shops near to you? If so pay them a visit for a second opinion maybe get them to take the car for a drive

  • Yes Marty how frustrating.

    You mentioned a lot of items that you checked.

    Standing back from this, my thoughts are:

    • Uni joint
    • The huge diff bushes - best to really inspect is by undong the trailing arm one side at a time, so you get the full view.
    • On flat ground with car stationary (engine off) , put in say 4th gear, handbrake off - then have someone rock it back and fourth whilst you look under with a bright light to - look/see/hear of anything amiss.
  • I'm in Ballarat and have a hoist, if you want to drive it up here we could check it on the hoist.

  • Try the lower shock absorber mount. One of mine was loose (fine for 30 years) and causing horrid noise.

  • Alright, my mate called over last night and after many chats we found the clunk issue in the rear.

    Turns out it was a loose trailing arm bolt on the drivers side - the one that munts the arm to the chassis. I've learnt a couple of valuable lessons here as this shouldn't have taken me this long to diagnose. Some issues can be tricky though!! Thanks for all the help and advice again.

    @DCW242 I might take you up on that offer down the line if it still stands!!

    Onto the next issue!! haha

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