2012 XC90 Executive T6 Thoughts, Feelings, Concerns, Possible Repairs

Hey everyone.

I would love your general feelings/thoughts/musings about a XC90 I'm looking at — and maybe alleviate any doubts at my end.

It's time to upgrade the fun size Mazda CX-3 as we have a couple of little humans taking over the planet. Been looking at 2012/2013 XC60s and 90s (mainly for best value for our budget), and stumbled across a nice T6 Executive. It's done 130,000 kms, full service history, pretty maxed out with the specs (sunroof etc.)... Is there anything with this model I should be looking out for?

There are a couple of small aesthetic issues though [see photos attached]... I feel a little picky about it, but as the rest of the car is excellent, I kind of want to get them fixed...:

  1. The driver hit a roo a while ago, and being the tank this car is, the only damage was to the front bumper (apparently the kangaroo was obliterated). As a result, here's a crack in the bumper, on the chrome around the bumper ventilation bit, and the ventilation panel at the front of the bumper is damaged... How easy/expensive is this to fix/replace? Better yet, can it be fixed/replaced?
  2. The driver's seat panel thing is broken — although this doesn't affect any of the seat operations. Is this easy/expensive to replace/fix?

Finally, the 'Premium Sound' that comes with the car... Is/was this the top speaker package at the time, or was there another option out there?

I really appreciate the feedback — and apologies for being a little clueless on a few things.




  • Ex850RSnoopy @Ex850R Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.


    That 90 would be great, the T6 motor will choof it along nicely but use a bit of juice if that's any concern.

    Typical T6 issues are talked about on other T6 threads but main one was oil consumption although later engines were sorted they say.

    Broken bits, call Mark at Berry Motor Group they wreck (and are brilliant workshop) many Volvo and will have what you need.

    Unfortunately the premium sound was brought in replacing the Dynaudio (real premium sound!!) in 2010? Models.

    You can upgrade all the speakers and add amps as long as line level ones using output from existing ICE unit which lives in roof up the back. You cannot change the "head unit" as it's all part of the CanBus fibre optic system.

    Typical XC90 things like rear Haldex, transmission, accessory belt/water pump/aircon compressor need serviced or changed.

    The Haldex has a rubbish bearing that should be replaced with a Land Rover one if not been done.

  • Thanks Snoopy.

    Shame about the sound (I checked out a 2013 XC60 R-Design Polestar as an alternative, and the system in that is on another level), but it's not a deal breaker. More just curious as to whether there was an "upgraded/top spec" choice at the time.

    So you think it's more a replacement parts issue than a fixable issue?

    And, yeah, aware of the petrol suck that it is... Fortunately we're not heavy daily drivers.

  • AdrianHDrain74 @AdrianH Elphinstone, VIC

    Our previous family car was a first generation XC90 (diesel). At one stage we needed to replace the plastic trim around the base of the seat. A query through Volvo parts resulted in the part being sourced in a couple of days for around $23. This would have been around 7 years ago.

  • Ex850RSnoopy @Ex850R Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.

    Mark could get you the Dynaudio speakers and have an installer make it work with the canbus ( or do it self? )

    The XC60 would have the same stereo as the xc90 being Chinese Harmon Kardon stuff.


  • Ex850RSnoopy @Ex850R Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.

    Not upgradeable as all coded to car , only add on aftermarket.

  • Won't be a T6 in the XC90 but a 3.2 N/A. They're a good cruising engine but lack power. Do you need 7 seats and the bigger space the 90 offers? The 2 are totally different chassis design with 10 years between them so the 60 drives much more like a car compared to the 90 and there was a T6 engine option in the 60.

  • My bad, Michael, I must have been thinking of the T6 in the XC60.

    Yeah, the bigger space is important to us as my partner will use it for catering. It was a tight call between the two (as I like the 60s), but I think we're happy with cruise over the power — it's not like we're speeding around the place or anything.

    But I appreciate the heads up.

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