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Clive’s 90 740GLE 16V

Clive740LiljaGLE @Clive740 Blue Mountains
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I thought I would start a new thread on my recent acquisition. I recently sold a 1982 Datsun Bluebird after owning it for 12 years, that my father had wanted way back in 81 at the time of its release but never got.

I wasn’t sure what I was going to replace it with until I saw this. As a cab driver in Sydney in the late 80’s, I was mesmerised by a 740 Turbo under spotlights in a dealership in Balgowlah that I frequently drove past. As my grandfather on my mothers side was Swedish, it seems fitting that my new toy would have a connection to my mother, where the Bluebird had the link to my father.

Ive got some time to kill while I’m waiting for it to have a transmission service. So perfect chance to get this thread started.

The car drives very well and is in wonderful condition. The only issues noted at the time of purchase were the common fuel gauge issues and the climate control not very cold. Also I’m pretty sure it’s still got its original shock absorbers, it’s lucky I don’t get sea sick,

The AC was re-gassed a few days ago and seems to be working perfectly now. A welcome luxury compared to the Datsun. My dad always said, you don’t want AC, electric windows, or power steering, they’re just more things to fix. He wasn’t wrong, but they are nice!

Anyway, the transmission service is just preventative maintenance. The next thing will be to look at the brakes and suspension.




  • Ex850RSnoopy @Ex850R Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.

    Lovely car!

  • Nice score !! 16v are an excellent motor. Interior looks immaculate!

  • Don't forget the cooling system revival

  • Cooling system looks pretty good for the moment. But I’m keeping an eye on it.

  • Ex850RSnoopy @Ex850R Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.

    Do a pressure test and run a chemical check on the coolant to be sure.

  • I'd definitely be doing a coolant flush for peace of mind anyway, 16v heads are very sensitive.

  • Yep. It’s on the list.

  • Just having a further familiarisation session around the 740. The engine bay contains a quite a lot of genuine Volvo labels and parts etc. That’s pleasing, but could also indicate some very old parts too. But I can’t see any obvious signs of old or perishing hoses etc !!

  • I took a few more photos around the car.

    The interior is a big plus on this car. A major reason why I was drawn to it in the first place.

  • Clive740LiljaGLE @Clive740 Blue Mountains
    edited January 13

    I can’t say for certain that it is the original triangle, but it appears to be!

  • Could this be the original radiator? If it is, it’s in stonkingly good condition for a 32 year old radiator.

  • I just hope it doesn’t leak!! 😁🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  • With regards to the radiator, they like to snap the top hose fitting off (plastic) potentially ruining your engine if you fail to notice it

    That and the automatic transmission fluid cooler is in the right side tank, any leaks there and you'll ruin the transmission too (you won't realise this until your transmission clutch plates are gone)

    Getting a new radiator kills two birds with one stone, keeping your engine and transmission happy for another 30 years at least

  • Yes I totally agree, now that I’ve noticed the original label on the rad, for piece of mind a new radiator might be on the cards.

  • Whilst you're working on the cooling system, I would also replace the heater hoses, heater valve, radiator hoses, coolant tank and coolant tank hose. Also consider the thermostat and water pump too, flush the system then fill with 1:1 parts coolant and distilled water

    Doing it this way is expensive but it guarantees future reliability

  • I will be looking at replacing the various coolant and heater hoses as a matter of course. Can anyone advise of possibility of locating genuine Volvo hoses? I’m guessing that my local dealership will probably be unlikely to be able to supply them now? Although I haven’t looked into what’s still available yet.

    The coolant reservoir bottle looks to be in outstanding condition, but I’ll look closer when everything is removed.

  • I can supply all of the parts.

    I only use genuine suppliers

  • Should also check the condition of the front strut mounts, I did pick up a 740GLE 16v with some suspicious looking pinholes sticking through the bonnet!!

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