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Rob's Supercharged '73 164

RobRob (@Rob) - Lockyer Valley, SE Qld
edited March 4 in RWD

Thought i would post a few pics of my '73 164E.

Engine: B30 volvo 3L I6 Supercharged

Exhaust: Twin 2"

Suspension: low. adjustable rear koni's and adjustable upper arms. modified panhard bar

Wheels: front narrowed stock 15 x 4.5 165/80r15 , rear widened stock 15 x 8 235/60r15, whitewalls

Modifications: Blower, wheels, seat retrim, whitewalls, couple of other bits and pieces ;)

Stereo: Sound 4, modifed for usb, aux in etc.



  • RobRob (@Rob) - Lockyer Valley, SE Qld
    edited November 2017

    A couple more interior photos

  • TigabuTiga (@Tigabu) Sweet Home Norwoodama

    Looks great, Rob. I do love the pattern for the retrim B-)

  • How much? You know you want to sell it. 8->

  • Such a nice car @Rob, really tasteful restoration too.

  • TigabuTiga (@Tigabu) Sweet Home Norwoodama

    supermattyp said: How much? You know you want to sell it.


    Yeah, good luck with that, Matty :))

  • RobRob (@Rob) - Lockyer Valley, SE Qld
    edited July 2013

    Yeah, good luck with that.... I sold it once, it took me a couple of years to find it and buy it back. It's not going anywhere soon...

  • Fine. ...just be that way!

  • BenBen (@Ben) Peter Harvey... Canberra

    Looks great, love the seat material! What's the blower and management?

  • RobRob (@Rob) - Lockyer Valley, SE Qld

    Ben (The Guv) said: Looks great, love the seat material! What's the blower and management?

    Thanks .. The seats are very much love it or hate it. I have had some very.... hmmm... interesting ....opinions on them, but i guess your gonna get that with a Volvo at the best of times ;)

    It is a Toyota SC14 Supercharger, from a 2TZ-FZE, and is currently running a [very] old microtech D5, it is something i have been looking to update but it works well so i figure i might just leave it that way.

  • BenBen (@Ben) Peter Harvey... Canberra

    Nice, I have the same one on my 240. Do you have it always on or triggered by an event? How do you find the noise? I read a hint somewhere that using 2 throttles can quiet them down (mine is so loud it's not funny) so I'll be looking at that in the future. I'm assuming you're getting a boatload of torque with the 6? Great to have another SC around!

  • RobRob (@Rob) - Lockyer Valley, SE Qld
    edited July 2013

    They can be very loud.. at first i was so sorry i did it..... the noise was hideous.

    I have run it in a couple of configurations, first up i had the throttle body before the supercharger.. It was ok but noisey, particularly at idle. I then put the throttle on the manifold so that i could run a bypass valve with the intention of keeping it a little quieter at idle. it worked.... partially, the supercharger whine was reduced but the bypass valve created a whole new noise... probably worse than the whine. Since then i have added a clutch to it and also a larger pulley to lower the boost, it makes a little less power but is nice and quiet. You can still clearly here the supercharger whine but it sounds good...

    I recommend putting the clutch back on if you don't have one.. best thing i ever did. I have always maintained that if i was chasing all out power i would V8 or turbocharge it.... I like it because it is something different....... and it still goes well.

    You should post some pics and info on your car.. would be keen to see it.

  • RobRob (@Rob) - Lockyer Valley, SE Qld
    edited November 2017

    Some pics of my first setup.

  • BenBen (@Ben) Peter Harvey... Canberra

    Yeah, I'm debating wether to take of the charger and turbo it but most of the hard work is done and there's something really satisfying in driving a supercharged car as opposed to a powerful n/a or turbo. I might get around to putting up a project page but I already have one on TB and I'm moving house soon so pretty low priority!

  • TigabuTiga (@Tigabu) Sweet Home Norwoodama

    Ben said: putting up a project page

    Do eet!!! :D/

  • RobRob (@Rob) - Lockyer Valley, SE Qld

    Cut and paste is your friend. :)

  • TigabuTiga (@Tigabu) Sweet Home Norwoodama

    Cut and snort is a better one ;)

  • Reminds me of my wizz fizz snorting days. Fuck that hurt.

  • Also, @Rob and @Ben, both of your cars hooked me into RWD. Something magic about seeing a SC in a Volvo.

  • A_Volvo_DriverScott (@A_Volvo_Driver) Victoria, The Revenue State

    Beautiful car Rob! If I was to ever get married, that's the kinda car that I'd want for the day :)

  • RobRob (@Rob) - Lockyer Valley, SE Qld
    edited November 2017
    Time for an update.

    I went to reverse my car out of the carport and had some real trouble... 2 problems were causing this.

    1. front brakes grabbing.
    2. reverse slipping.

    1. Easy enough to fix and involved simply rekitting the front calipers, 2 cylinders on each caliper were near seized. I decided to overhaul the master cylinder and rear calipers at the same time. Don't think it was necessary but at least I know all is new now.

    2. BW35 had to go. I dug around in my pile of parts and found almost everything required for a M400 conversion. The few parts i was missing were able to be tracked down with the help of a few ozvolvo members.

    While everything was apart i decided to strip the engine down for a quick cleanup and check over, I knew the engine was in pretty good shape as it had done fewer than 10,000 miles since it was rebuilt but I wanted to change the camshaft, so figured a full set of rings and bearings would be a minor additional task.

    I also replaced the ball joints, tie rod ends and centre bearing.

    A couple of days later and it is all back together, runs a treat and i am very happy with the M400 conversion. I am really loving the new camshaft, couldn't be happier with the way it goes and the idle sounds excellent.

    I now intend tracking down a suitable LSD and am considering changing wheels. but I'm not sure, I really don't want to loose the clean look it has with the stockish steelies.

    Manual conversion thread http://ozvolvo.org/discussion/140/robs-164-manual-conversion-amongst-other-things/p1

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