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Vintage Volvo R-Sport turbo parts for B19/20/21/23AT

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  • Hi!

    Need these parts.

    Maybe, you still have something from the kit.

    Please, let me know.



  • jamesincJames @jamesinc Oz Volvo Ice Fortress

    Good luck! I've only seen two of these kits in Australia ever, one is mine, and the other is in use by another forum member. They seem to be more common in Sweden if you're prepared to do some international sleuthing.

    I can tell you though as I have been on this journey, some parts you can replace easily:

    • Turbo
    • Air filter/housing
    • Exhaust system
    • Distributor (I used a 123/TUNE programmable distributor)
    • Oil cooler (standard Setrab cooler)
    • The rubber mount for the oil cooler is available from VP Autoparts
    • R-Sport exhaust manifold is almost identical to the -89 turbo log manifold
    • Inlet manifold is the same as a B21A manifold
    • You can weld a drain tube onto a normal redblock sump to replicate the R-Sport sump
    • Oil cooler hardline bracket (new GCP)
    • Oil cooler sandwich plate (can get from a 740T)

    Harder to replace:

    • Oil cooler hardlines (one of these is available new from GCP, the other isn't)
    • Charge air pipe (can be fabricated but high-effort)
    • Oil cooler brackets (unless you fabricate your own)
    • B21ET/FT coolant pipe
    • Zenith CD175 carb (I'm not sure if you can use an NA carb for this. You'd have to install the correct jet needle (B1FJ available here) at the very least and as it is a boosted application you will want to rebuild the carb and ensure all seals are in good shape

    Impossible or near-impossible:

    • "T U R B O" plenum
    • Manifold-referenced B21AT mechanical fuel pump - out of production - I am using an electric pump return-style system with a carb-friendly FPR to give me the specified 0.35 bar (manifold referenced) fuel pressure.

  • regarding the coolant pipe you can use a b230ft pipe with a little bracket, will take a pic tomorrow. i think the retaining bolt on the water pump was underneath on b21/b23 and above the pipe on a b230. something like that.

    the oil cooler can be a b230ft from a 740, not exactly correct though is factory and cools the oil. i had some flexible lines made up to get around the engine mount though plan to replicate what James did and make some hard lines up.

    the cooler fits neatly next to the radiator on a 240 and the lower rubber mount block is still available new. might be same as 740, do not remember. i recall turning one of the cooler brackets around 180 deg and it bolted right up to the 240.

    Initially i used a b230ft distributor from an lh2. 2 and the turbo ezk computer though had trouble with it so went for the factory r-sport dist with vacuum advance/boost retard and points driving an msd stretfire (the baby 6AL). Currently looking for an ignitor points replacement though the part number on the dist. is odd, more research necessary. probably the same as a normal b21/b23 dist though prefer to check.

    for fuel pump i used an ipd turbo in tank lift pump for a late model and a Malpassi pressure reg that deals with the boost. it looks ugly though works great and was fitted without drilling a hole. think there is s pic of it on James' build thread.

    there is also a cd 175 needle for a b23 turbo, think mine came from su middel in sydney. i bought 2 so should have a spare somewhere. it does run super rich under boost though, 10:1 when wound up, which is richer than it needs to be. (right now wound up = 4 psi)

    air filter box is available genuine and new, i have a spare one. think it is the same part as some 140 models. mine came from Skandix, who got it from GCP who refused to ship to me (when covid started GCP would not ship international, called skandix and they sourced them from gcp and posted them - good guys)

    if you want concourse original i fear you will not get there. the exhaust manifold is different with mounting bolts for the clunky cover and as mentioned above Europe is the only source. my kit came from Norway (via @iceand while it had most of it was not complete.

    Should also talk about camshaft and cam timing, i had an ipd turbo cam though binned it chasing the distributor problem and went for a A cam. once i get to replacing the points (which are literally the points that were in the dist when it arrived, probably 10 years old, driving an msd street fire under the dash) i will go back to the ipd turbo cam.

  • Thanks a lot, guys!

    Your info is priceless. Starting to study all you've said.

    The most pressious part for me in the kit is carb plenum. So even if I find OEM plenum it'll not fit to my big vacuum brake booster. So maybe I will try to reproduce smaller replica:) but with 3D modeling and proper machining of cource.

    Considering all, this kit is quite a long process I guess. How long did it take for you to assemble this puzzle?


  • Maybe there is a high performance aftermarket mechanical fuel pump?? Definitely don't want to go electric fuel pumping.

  • hmmmm, why would your brake booster be an issue?

    is your steering wheel on the other side?

  • Yep!

    Left hand drive

  • BTW, guys, what turbos you have in your applications?

    What turbo would you chose if you'd start this turbokit one more time?


  • jamesincJames @jamesinc Oz Volvo Ice Fortress

    I'm using a Garrett TB0350, which is pretty similar to the original TB03 but with a bigger compressor wheel. I went with that because I wanted an oil cooled turbo

  • Guys,

    what this adapter for?

  • Not sure, mine did not have that. I think James had it on his.

  • Ex850RSnoopy @Ex850R Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.

    @iceton1975 may have some parts?

    Or John at Voldat.

    Mark at VP Tuning may have a line on parts from Europe too..(Mark is at Voldat too.)

  • Pretty sure this user is in Europe.

  • jamesincJames @jamesinc Oz Volvo Ice Fortress

    It's part of a hot start kit, it's also supposed to include a solenoid. When the car is off, the solenoid blocks the fuel bowl vent to prevent hard starting/vapourlock.

    I have a broken one, tbh I don't think you need it, if you're doing a hot start just open the throttle a bit

  • Guess you're right.

    What do you think about Pierburg 175 CD turbo carb instead of turbo Stromberg 175 CD?

  • Ex850RSnoopy @Ex850R Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.

    If you are in Europe look to the Dutch forums as lots of Volvo there in the past. Of course the Scandinavian peeps may be of help. Not sure if USA had this , try Turbobricks forum , someone over there may have made up a similar kit or have what would do to replicate it as it's such a big market.

  • Do I need volvo turbo distributor for B21AT setup?

    Now I have volvo 242 GT distributor.

  • SpacSpac @Spac Canberra-ish.

    The R-Sport dizzy has boost retard.

    You used to be able to buy generic vacuum advance/boost retard units to adapt to your distributor, but no idea if they are still available. Some early factory turbo cars had them (Exa, Cordia, IIRC) - you could probably adapt one of them if you can find one.

  • Maybe B21ET or B21FT distributors would fit?

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