(SOLD) [QLD] 1998 V70T5 white estate - $10k ono

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Offered reluctantly for sale.

Lots of money recently spent, price is about what it owes me, mods list all less than 1000kms old.

I wanted to build a T5-R replica with a manual conversion and lsd but have too many cars and I need something that can tow 3.5t for a new business so something has to give undortunately.

Sought after estate / wagon with the preferred charcoal interior including leather seats with alcantara accents. It's a bargain basement price compared to an 850r which is also a p80 platform car.

Ice Cold air conditioning

Keyless entry, immobiliser

Clean interior (drivers seat needs some work, and headlining needs replacement)

T5 Alloy wheels

I've just given this a major birthday along with some nice mods.

3 inch turbo dump pipe into 2.5inch mandrel bent with new cat and original

2x o2 sensors and a bung for a future wideband.

Brand New Gearbox, replaced 5,000kms ago

Paint is in very good condition, I don't think this car has even lived outside. It has dents and marks but presents well. The front bumper needs a cleanup if you want it perfect or can find a v70r front lip.

- Electric seats

- Fog lights

- Keyless entry

- 223000kms

- SIPS airbags all round

- factory floormats

I've done approximately 5000kms and have completed the below in the last 6 months and there is a build thread over on ozvolvos.


- H & R H/D springs front and rear (touring spec)

- Koni FSD shocks front and rear

- Front upper spring mounts

- DVS front strut brace

- DVS modified fuse bracket

- IPD poly front subframe bush inserts (new not installed)

- Heavy duty front sway bar end links (new not installed at time of writing)


- snabb reverse intercooler hardpipe kit (RIP)

- Full turbo back exhaust

- stock turbo, boosts cleanly 11-12psi

- Correct 4 plug spark plugs

- Fuel pump relay replaced

- Fuel pump replaced

- New rotor

- New distributor

- New ignition leads

- ITG performance airfilter

- New cam position sensor

- Lots of vacuum lines replaced

This is a really good base for a continuing project car. It doesn't need much to be mint.

The remaining list:

- hoodlining needs doing

- some of the original wiring loom needs re covering

- the old owner removed the heater box 'because Queensland'

- front windscreen is weathered

- install a wideband and bleed valve if you want more power

- paint front bumper lower lip

- pcv refurb

Other parts

- I have a clip kit for the rear hatch interior which can come apart due to being shut hard just in case

- end links

Thanks for reading, is negotiable. Based in Brisbane.



  • Hi I am interested in your wagon.

    Does the dash display operate correctly both with and without the engine running?

    Does the trans and diff function properly?

    What is the size ? type of tyres Inc spare?

    What is vin no and engine no?

    Where in qld is car?

    Regards Trevor.

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    Hi Trevor,

    I'm not sure exactly what some of your questions mean?

    This is the dash with no key

    This is the dash with key in the on position

    Dash operates correctly when running and all menu items work using the info toggle.

    This is running. The abs light is a sensor I knocked when doing front suspension work, am waiting on he who can control electrons to fix the plug for me.

    I don't know how the diff should behave but it doesn't make any noise. It is an open diff and the abs is supposed to control traction, which you can switch off.

    The gearbox flashes both lights sometimes but I haven't really noticed a difference as I usually just leave it in sport.

    Tyres are 205 55 R16 all round. They have plenty of tread.

    I'm in Brisbane bayside.

    Vin is

    Is this the engine number?

  • Thanks for that very comprehensive reply. Definitely something to think about.

  • Ex850RSnoopy @Ex850R Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.

    These and it's close relatives are getting rare to find especially in such condition.

  • I fear my heart ruled my head for a while. 10 years ago I would be knocking down your door, I feel a cx90 v8 is a smarter purchase given my age, being prepared to forgo the dubious pleasures of working on your wagon, it's time to get modern wheels.

    Best regards trevor

  • Sold, congrats Lachlan, and safe travels back from Canada to Melbourne where this will soon be gracing the streets after all the bits I hadn't got too will be completed.


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