Wheels for V50


Looking for some wider wheels for my v50, not Really fussed on rash or paint condition as long as aren't cracked or horrendously bent. Ideally 18inch but will also settle for 17inch. Thanks :)



  • just search for ford xr5 rimps

  • AshDVSAsh @AshDVS - Geelong, VIC

    LS-LV Focus XR5 - 18x8 ET52.5

    MA-MC Mondeo XR5 (and Titanium) - 18x8 ET55

    LW-LZ Focus ST - 18x8 ET55

    All will fit P1 C30/S40/V50 and will be cheap enough via ebay, Facebook marketplace, Gumtree, etc. Focus XR5s get crashed all the time, wheels are cheap. :)

  • Ex850RSnoopy @Ex850R Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.

    Getting wider isn't easy as most Volvo and ford are pretty skinny.

    I used Jaguar 19" on my v60.....

  • AshDVSAsh @AshDVS - Geelong, VIC

    The front guards particularly dont offer quite as much space as they do on the LS-LV Focus models.

    I had 18x8.5 ET40 wheels on my LT Focus XR5 with 235/40/18 tyres, with a considerably lower ride height, and had very minor clearance issues (particularly with the RF guard). This would have been worse on P1 Volvo models with similar ride heights.

  • Ex850RSnoopy @Ex850R Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.

    Less (numerically) offset helps heaps. But saying that , I have some 20" XC90 2015 I'm definitely going to try on my P3.....

  • AshDVSAsh @AshDVS - Geelong, VIC

    20s on your P3???

    The ride is going to suck!

  • Ex850RSnoopy @Ex850R Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.

    Actually not , I had Marks Polestar as loan car a while back! Maybe having Öhlins suspension helped but it was good on 20s , a different brand of premium tyre than stock , maybe I was more vigilant of road nuggets , I certainly was on high alert most of the time albeit just home from Casa Iceton thence to work and then out to BMG but that was more to do with having a go of paddle shifting which for me requires a lot more learning as the power and responsiveness was epic , just being in the left gate of the shifter was enough for now.... (sort of power mode , ostensibly manual with the stick but paddles take over if you use them)

    At least mine are XC rims not Polestar gold plated ones that may not be as strong. If I don't run them I'll probably put on the S80....it can do with some ride control the damn 4C is just shitfull on any setting , I prefer non 4C of the higher riding XC70 I just had as loaner! It was much more fun and in control compared to a much younger S80....

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