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Borrow DICE - Melbourne

Hi all

Bought my (first) Volvo D5 2012 a few month back & found it’s got a few issues. Right now I’m attempting to upgrade Display DIM to TFT using a DICE clone I bought, going the D5T5 using VDASH route but it’s failing to decode CEM tried multiple times. The D5T5 guys suggest it’s the DICE failing & that I should try another - preferably original DICE. Needless to say I don’t have one, nor am I 100% this is the problem, so ideally I’d like to borrow / rent one from a local to try. The CEM takes up to 24 hours (typically much less) I’m advised. I’m based in Chadstone area & willing to travel. Realise it’s a big ask, I’m really stuck & hoping someone may be able to assist please.

any reasonable suggestions appreciated?

thanks in anticipation



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