XC90 Transmission performance low…WTF

So after having my transmission rebuilt 6 months ago I got a message on the car when I started it “transmission performance low. When I get home I’ll hook up vida and take a look.

The model is an Xc90 2013 D5 R Design.

so has the rebuilt failed? Or is this some other issue ?


I Ran VIDA and I am getting the following error TCM-P097300 Shift Solenoid A Control Circuit Low. Possible causes from VIDA are

  • Short-circuit to ground in the signal cable.
  • Solenoid not working.
  • Internal fault in the transmission control module (TCM). 

I am also getting another fault TCM-P171900 Engine Torque Signal. General Failure Information. No sub type information  

Possible causes according to VIDA

  • Locate the cause of the fault in the engine control module (ECM).
  • Fault-trace the central electronic module (CEM).
  • Intermittent open circuit or short-circuit on the CAN lead between the engine control module (ECM) and the transmission control module (TCM). 



  • Maybe a dumb question....

    But what year and model and spec?

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    Updated my original post with the details. Any idea what's going on? I am freaking out I just got the car all sorted.

    No such things as dumb questions.

  • If rebuild is still under a warranty id just take it back to whomever did the rebuild

  • I think the Box is gone! Crazy stuff.... My wife is going to kill me. Ill have to get it towed to Melbourne.

    I thought the rebuild would fix these issues.

  • The torque signal code in ecu will probably be due to the trans issues causing a limp mode.

    It's potentially a wiring issue, as they're not the usual faults I would expect from an internal hydraulic fault.

    I would eyeball the wiring for TCM and reseat the connector.

    If nothing obvious I would call the guys who rebuilt it.

  • From looking at the error codes I think you on to something. Both faults seem to point to a wiring issue, I will take the car back to Manuel Automatics and get them to take a look at it. During the rebuild wiring could have been messed up. fingers crossed that's all it is.

    ON other news:

    I was given the hard word by the wife to sell the car or get her another one, she has had enough of the gremlins. Tough call for me the car is fun to drive, big enough and I purchased it with 75KM on the clock, I am on 87K now, rebuilt gearbox, new disk breaks, engine mounts and tires. replaced all the broken bits of trim.

    My plan to have a reliable, spacious second car is not working...

  • Ex850RSnoopy @Ex850R Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.
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