[NSW] 940GLE Sedan - parts or whole (SOLD)

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My Volvo 940GLE is FOR SALE!

Everything is for sale minus engine and gearbox, it has full black leather interior ( will add interior photos tonight )

im selling everything CHEAP!

Headlights $30

Blinkers $20

Grille $20

Bumpers front or rear $30 each

tail lights and blinkers $30

Bonnet $40

Guards $40

Drivers and passenger leather seats $30 each

Rear leather seats $30

Steering wheel $20

Doors $40 each

Any interior components will price up depending what you need.

WHOLE CAR can be for sale at $300 minus engine and gearbox

Wheels only FOR SALE with car as a WHOLE

Car is only up for sale for 4 weeks so if you want to buy whole car or any parts get in quick

if not sold by the end of the 4th week the car will go to scrap.

If you have and engine and gearbox for it the car can be registered it is NOT a write off or had any damage to it still a fairly decent car.



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